3yr Old still on bottle

toddlermamaMay 8, 2009

If there is anyone out there that can offer advice. My daughter who will be 3 in June still drinks a bottle at nighttime and occasionally at naptime. I attempted to stop the whole bottle thing (because of friends telling me she shouldn't be on it anymore at that age) and it was disastrous. She was hysterical to the point of vomiting 3 of the last 4 nights, fits to the point of pure hysteria and hasn't eaten or drank much the whole week. She didn't sleep at all either, waking up every couple of hours every night screaming at the top of her lungs. I couldn't torture her anymore and gave her a bottle and she went right to sleep tonite. Did I fold too early? Did i make the right decision? Did I fail???? I feel awful but no one in the household has slept in a week, we are all miserable, especially my daughter. The vomiting was horrible and I just couldn't do it to her anymore. Am I wrong? Please someone offer me some insight! I am a wreck!

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my daughter was 3 in april and wont part with the bottle,she drinks fine out of normal cups or beakers but loves her bottle ,at least yours only as it to go asleep mine as it a few times in the day too.please dont worry about it,my eldest was the same, as soon as she started school she came off it on her own.Dont worry what your friends think ,although I have to admit when i took my daughter for her three year check up i was too embaressed to admit she was still having a bottle.kids do things in there own time,some thinks they slow on,some things they are quick on,i wouldnt cause yourself and your family such distress over a bottle ,she wont want it soon enough.

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Make sure you're only giving her water in the bottle, as milk or juice decay at night will decay her teeth, and switching to water-only now will make giving up the bottles easier down the road.

What worked well for us was to pick a date several weeks into the future -- her third birthday would be perfect -- and announce that when she's three, she'll be a big girl and won't need to use "baby bottles" anymore. Your tone of voice should be mildly disparaging on the "baby bottles" (always use the word 'baby') and impressed about "big girl things" so she gets the subtle message that being a big girl is better than being a baby. Remind her periodically that on her birthday, she'll be a big girl and won't be a baby anymore.

Then find a baby she knows to give the baby bottles to, and have her give the bottles to the baby. Make a big deal over how generous she's being and how grown up she is.

Be prepared for a few rough nights at first, but just remind her that she's a big girl and doesn't need "baby bottles" anymore, that she gave them to the baby and that you're really proud of her. Keep it short, not overly-sympathetic, and don't get dramatic or tense, no matter what.

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What's the problem? What harm is the bottle doing?
Do you think she will take a bottle to sleepovers when she's 9 or 10?
Do you expect she will still want a bottle at night when she goes to kindergarten?
You are on the edge of how long she will want that....my son was over 4 when he decided her easily could do without...
It really is of no importance but to you....
Let her take the bottle to bed....tell her that some day she will be a big girl and won't need to take a bottle to bed....find some "big girl" she admires and say "big girl like, sunny sun bean" or whoever.
But to put the poor little thing through even one night of bereavement (because that's what it is) when it's not necessary is cruel.

2 of my 7 grand kids had "milk and blankie time" which was the night time bottle and a cuddle in front of the TV in a darkened room and then to bed....gradually it became milk and sippy cup....and then milk in a glass and eventually "brush your teeth and we'll have a cuddle before bed" time.

I quit smoking after 40 years......and the way I did was to always know that it was my choice and I could have a cigarrete any time I wanted. I suggest that the way to quit the bottle is to tell her that she can have a bottle any time she wants, but she's getting to be a very big girl and soon she won't want a bottle any more.
But dont' make her and the whole house miserable over a few more months of a bottle....not worth it!
Linda C

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If you are putting just water in the bottle, then it is no problem. She will grow out of it eventually. You do not want to give her anything with natural sugars like milk or juice, with added sugars like Koolade or juices or sodas, or with sugar substitutes like some juices and sodas.

I took the advice of our wise kindergarten teacher with changing habits. However old the child is, you give them permission to do whatever as that age, but then you always point out that kids a year older do not do that. Then they have a deadline to work on dropping it. Say it often and be sure to say when they can't. Two weeks was the usual period here to ween off of whatever.

So you say, "It's all right if you have a bottle at bedtime because you are only 2. But 3 year olds don't need a bottle at bedtime." In the meantime, switch to water.

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Absolutely on the water. I knew a couple who gave a bottle of juice to take to bed, every one of the child's baby teeth was riddled with caries. I don't know how much damage was done to the adult teeth.

Water only, and try to 'wean' with the 'big girl' talk.

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Every toddler is an individual. What your friends had told you maybe work on their kids but not with your little one. You can start teaching her to drink on a cup slowly but surely. You'll see she will learn it step by step.

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Its no biggy. They are individuals and dont rush it...there is no time limit for everything. Whether its bottle or diaper..or whatever. My son is 3 1/2 and he still takes the night bottle. He's taken cups since 1 1/2 old but uses the bottle as a security measure. ....so i'm doing that slowly now. Slowly because he is now ready for diaper off training. Doign both at the same time is stressful so i'm focusing on potty training first and easing the bottle off later.
So dont worry about it, she's vomitting...she's hysterical, she is not ready.
i've never heard of milk rotting teach...lol...juice for sure..but not milk. Milk is goodfor their bones and teeth. You have to give them as much as possible and make sure its over 3%. i took my son to the dentist already...practice brushing..reduce sugar snacks..and soo forht.
You can go for the water switcharoo..but my son caught onto that one quickly. What i did with him is i showed him his bottle with a cut nipple and told him its broken. It does work.

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"i've never heard of milk rotting teach...lol...juice for sure..but not milk. Milk is goodfor their bones and teeth."

Sorry Maria, but that's not correct.
Sure, drinking milk is good for their teeth and bones, but in addition to the beneficial calcium, milk also contains sugars and acids that can decay teeth rapidly and severely if left in the mouth overnight. That's why it's important to wean children off of the night time 'comfort' bottle (containing anything other than water) as soon as they get teeth.

From the Indiana Department of Health:

"Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (BBTD) is a devastating form of tooth decay that can rapidly destroy a child's four upper front teeth and lower back teeth by the age of three. BBTD develops when the child's bottle containing milk, juice or sugar-containing liquids is left in the child's mouth for prolonged periods of time. "

Google 'Baby Bottle Tooth Decay' if you need more information --

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