Something every child needs

NanaCherieMay 13, 2002

Hi There,

I just got mine in the mail today I purchased it for my new Grandson.He is at that age that he is chewing on everything.

I think this has got to the the greatest thing since bubblegum. I only wished I was the one that thought of it!!!

Go check it's Great


Here is a link that might be useful: cart cover

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Thats pretty cool!
Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Chantel,
Glad I could help. Seems like there are some on the saving Money board , that thinks I'm selling these. NOT!!!! I just thought they were a very good Idea.
Thanks Again

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Target also sold a little velcro thingie that served the same purpose when my dd was at that age. Even now that she doesn't chew, we still do a family hand-washing after getting home from the supermarket. Lots of unmentionable things on shopping cart handles!

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