I think I'm being lied to..

ramriceAugust 15, 2010

My contractor told me he would also paint my den for me since it was a big job. He bought an eggshell finish which looked like crap, because you could see every flaw in the wall. I always use flat paint.l

I also didn't like the color which was too bright, he told me it would make the floors stand out, but it just looked bad.

What really got me, though, was that when the guys were cutting in, they didn't bother to spackle or fix any cracks, or and after they had finished one coat of paint, take off any wall/light plates! I was livid. I told him to quit painting, and just cover it with some white primer I had so I could later decide what color I wanted.

He told me that they usually fix the cracks, etc. before the second coat is applied.

Now I'm no professional painter, but I have painted several rooms in my life--has anyone heard of such a thing before? It not only doesn't make any sense, but I don't appreciate being treated like some idiot.

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There seem to be two separate issues here. The spackling: I DO think that one should spackle prior to painting. I'm not a pro, though, but I've always spackled first. And always taken off the plates first.

The second issue is the paint sheen and color. It seems like you OKed it prior to painting, since he was telling you about the floor and all. If you wanted flat, and a different color, perhaps speaking up then might have been good, not that it helps now, I know.

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Not knowing what transpired before paint hit the wall, I would say there has been a communication breakdown between you and your contractor.

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Actually I shouldn't have mentioned the paint finish and color since it was a separate issue and not his fault, just my bad judgement.

But I would really like to know if it's standard for painters to leave on the wall plates and not spackle prior to starting to paint. How would it be possible to fix the cracks, etc after the first coat?

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No, it is not standard at all to patch in between coats. If it is an eggshell finish, the patchwork will flash for sure if not double coated. Sometimes it may be an allright idea to patch in between coats if the paint is flat because you can see what needs to be repaired better. This is mostly true though when the walls are really beat up. Wall plates should also be removed prior to painting. Leaving them on is apartment painter hackwork.

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