Diaper Removal :(

christy2828May 2, 2007

Okay, my 19 month old is waking up and removing her diaper. Usually I hear her wake up, but sometimes she is quiet, and I don't get in there in time. She is unziping her PJ's or pulling them down, and taking it off. We have had two unauthorized poopy dances so far, and had I been invited, I would not have allowed it. My SIL suggested putting the diaper on backwards, or packing tape. Don't get me wrong, I love naked baby butt just as much as the next mom, but on my watch :) Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! Christy

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That's one clever little girl!

Can you safety-pin her zipper closed?
Or duct-tape it closed?

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does she wear the footie pjs that zipp up in the front? Buy the ones without the feet and make her wear it backwards. This way the zipper will be on her back where she cant reach it.

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Yes, she does!! She unzips it, removes her diaper, and zips it back up! Good tip, I'll look for some without feet. Thanks :) Christy

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Houdini!! Yep putting on the PJ's or whatever backwards helps...
I Remember my daughter driving 225 miles to visit me with the Escape Artist in the back seat....supposedly sleeping. She checked in the rear viev mirror and there was a naked kid standing up on the seat looking out the window!
He's 21 now and still getting away with "stuff"! LOL!
Linda C

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Hi! I have 2 yr old twins boys that love to do this! Its been awful until I found some ways to keep them out. As a previous poster said, Tape. I use packing tape wrapped all the way around the diaper. I have to cut it off if I cant find the end where it overlaps but its worth it. I tried taping just the tabs and that didnt work. Also, I cut the feet out of their sleepers and let them wear them backwards. One more thing is to put a onesie on them and then regular two piece pajamas. My boys havent learned how to get a shirt off yet so it works well enough. That way if they do get their pants/shorts off, then they cant take their onesie off, or atleast not yet. LOL I wish you the best of luck. Its a bad day when you have a little one doing the poopie dance, even worse when its two of them laughing at each other! lol

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I taped it with duct tape for about a week and it stopped

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Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I've tried every suggestion, and Houdini can get out of them all!! I can't seem to find 'feetless' pajamas, but I did find 'feetless' long johns. She pulled her shoulders out of them, and slid out of it. She figured out how to tear her pull-ups, rendering the diaper useless. So back to the cruisers. I guess next, I'll just cut the feet off of her PJ's. I just got my carpets professionally cleaned and the day after I was scrubbing poop off of the floor!!! This stinks.....literally!!!! Christy

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From the date on your earlier post, it sounds like she's 24 months old now. I know it's early, but do you think you could try potty-training her? She certainly seems motivated...

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I certainly have. I don't think she was ready until recently. What I'm worried about is that we're having out of town guests this month, going out of town next month and the month after that. Also, the moms I talk to suggest not potty training her in the winter. Either way, I think I might start anyhow....Thanks :) Christy

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Yep, time to potty train! She's already letting you know that she doesn't like wet or poopy diapers! I bet she trains really really fast! You might try silky panties instead of pull ups or training pants. The silky panties feel cold and icky as soon as they get wet. They really helped get my girls potty trained fast!

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Can you still buy diaper pins? Back in "the old days" before Pampers you could buy pins with a safety catch on them. Put on a one piece sleeper and use a diaper pen though the zipper pull. I raised a pooppy dancer!! and this worked wonders.

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You know, I don't know if they still make those diaper pins. I could look around! I've been afraid to use the regular safety pins, she's pretty good at figuring stuff out. I've taken her footed sleepers from last year, and cut the feet off, and turned them around. Now I just need to figure out how to keep her socks on!!! Thanks :) Christy

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My husband and I just created sleepwear to address this phase of toddler development. You can find us at http://mookimoo.com. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mookimoo Sleepwear

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I'm a parent of 3 kids. My twins would take off their diapers and play with their poop. I tried all kinds of ways to stop the behavior but it didn't work. I even tried a mookimoo but they were still able to get out. A friend told me about a garment that really works. In desperation I gave it a try and IT WORKED GREAT! You may want to try it. It's called the little keeper sleeper. You can get it from their website www.littlekeepersleeper.com. This definitely works! Hopefully it will work for you.

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Your child is now ready to be trained to pee on the potty trainer. Maybe she is irritated wearing the wet diaper. You can put her on an overall PJs to avoid removing them during the night time.

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