Your child have an imaginary friend?

nadastimerMay 21, 2002

We recently noticed our 3 year old son has been talking to someone. I asked who it was and well, I keep hearing that he's talking or playing with Eric and Nicole. Eric and Nicole are his cousins and they are 6 and 4. Our son loves to play with them but we dont' see much of them. Most of the reason is that we have problems dealing with my fiance's SIL and we just stay away. When DS does see his cousin's they are pretty rude to him. Eric won't talk to him, kind of ignores him until he's in his face yelling his name. And then they were playing and Eric was helping our son up on the chair beside him until I got out of the room and we heard our son scream.He said Eric did it so we're pretty sure he pushed him off the chair. Anyway, it just seems so weird that he would chose real people to be his imaginary friends. Could it be because of something going on? Or just a normal kid thing? Yesterday we had to take Eric and Nicole (the imaginary ones) to the store with us and Shane pushed the cart with them in it. When we got to the car Shane started to cry because we forgot them in the store! I don't know exactly how to handle all this. I tried playing along but it's going to get difficult and I can see it already. Any suggestions or stories of your own?

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I got info from another forum. It's actually good that a child has imaginary friends. It shows they have a great sense of imagination. I kind of already knew that! The cousins don't seem to be around as much as they were. There are moments but we don't take them everywhere, thank goodness.


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My daughter is the imaginary friend. She says "When I was Lauren I got in trouble" and I questioned her if when she was with Lauren and she said no when she was Lauren. Either that or she has multiple personalities.

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My son has imaginary big brother and sister. He can make a story about them.

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My sons imaginary friend is "dragon" I asked him what color he was and he said Orange, I asked what color teeth and he said green. I asked if he could ride him and he says "no he is a ghost, if he was real I could" go figure, he is 3 1/2.


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My niece had an imaginary friend - Gheppeto. She was the first grandchild and Gheppeto stayed around for a year or so. She was living with us at the time.

But the strange thing is, my son came along 5 years later and he had a friend named Gheppeto and Bones. That was sorta creepy because when we asked my niece who was about 7 at the time, she could not remember having an imaginary friend named Gheppeto when she was younger.

Anyway, in both instances the kids had good relationships with their imaginary friends. Only problem was if you accidentally sat on them or something like that. :-)

I have another niece who is now 4 and she has no imaginary friends. Maybe because she has a sister, my son and lots of cousins from the other side of her family to keep her company.

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It is my understanding that an imaginary friend is a sign of being gifted. As a gifted teacher, I read an article about this once so I am far from an expert. But many gifted kids have imaginary friends and many more non gifted kids did not have imaginary friends, although you will find gifted kids who don't have imaginary friends and non gifted who do... it's just something to be aware of.


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