Toddlers wont sleep with covers on....

sueque67May 25, 2005

My 14 mth old has never been able to sleep with covers on him. When he started crawling the covers were no more.

I have to put footed pjs on him at night because he will pull the covers off of him.

When do children start sleeping with covers on and not rolling up in them or pulling them off? He wakes himself up when he does this.

My other son (who is 17 now) never had a problem being covered. I worry that my youngest will get sick because the temps here vary widely at night. I just don't want him to get to hot or cold at night. Any suggestions?

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My 15 month old and 33 month old sons both sleep with no covers and no socks or anything. We've never had a problem with sickness and when we go to bed I just make sure their room is a good temperature. When they get cold they tuck their hands under their bodies and curl up but their feet never bother them-only me. I think it is more of an issue for adults than kids. We just have a baby blanket and their fitted sheet on the beds.

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When she was a baby (and even now at 7), my daughter is hot-natured, always has been. If I put her in footed PJ's she would be cranky all night and not sleep.

Her friend, however, is the opposite. She would never be able to sleep in a gown, she still wears footed PJs at 7.

If they kick the covers off, they are hot. When DD does get chilled, she pulls the covers back on during the night.

As a baby, keep one simple cover in the bed, so they can easily adjust it as their temperature changes.

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