rubbery paint

old_house_j_i_mAugust 27, 2010

I am restoring an old house and am repainting the trim rather than stripping it.

all the trim in the house was painted brilliant white and the person who caulked the joints did a very poor job, so I am scraping paint and cutting out old caulk.

Heres what I am finding: the paint is very very rubbery, almost like they painted with caulk. its a high gloss white that was hastily applied (alot of skipped spots, poor adhesion, etc.) over what appears to be unprimed oil paint that is pretty old.

Is that why the paint is so rubbery? I am scraping about 90% or it off (some is well adheared) and will reprime.

Any advice? thoughts ?

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Lori A. Sawaya

Don't know about the paint. But FIRST thought was LEAD! Hope you're taking precautions.

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I just think it may appear rubbery because it is not stuck to the wood or to the old paint so it is just sort of floating above the surface. This is normal when you pull off latex paint that is not like pulling off a big rubbery sheet of paint until it breaks away at the areas where it has adhered...huge pain in the butt really. Latex paint is rubbery. Oil paint is brittle.

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Hey paintguy - thats IT - it sort of floating, some areas are stuck real good and those parts seem firm and solid, not rubbery - thanks - guess thats all it is, crappily applied latex.

funcolors, most of the old lead paint is really hard and brittle - old oil paint (lead) is far superior in performance to new latex and under those coats of rubbery latex i find loads of perfect condition lead paint. I am careful, but boy, sometimes I wish I could still get some of that stuff - its was a great paint.

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Is it possible it is some type of elastomeric paint?

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