delayed teething?

superbeeMay 14, 2003

Hi, all -

My DS is 14 months old and his teeth are nowhere in sight. Anyone else experience delayed teething? Otherwise he seems to be developmentally okay. Walking, eating, speaking a few words etc. Just wondering...

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If he is, and has been healthy, there is nothing to worry about. It is not at all unusual for a child not to get the first tooth until 12 months, so your son may be just a little late. It also means that he probably will be later getting his perminant teeth. They will all probably come in at a more rapid rate when they do start.

However, to ease your mind, check with his doctor.

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Thanks PB. Yes, I checked with his doctor (on phone) yesterday and he said not to worry. We will be seeing him in person soon for DS's 15 month appointment.

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Getting teeth late is a slight problem because it can limit what they can eat/chew. But, it usually is good because they are later getting their permanent teeth and therefore are more responsible for caring for them. I think dentists begin to worry if they haven't gotten them by 16-18 months. My children were both over 12 months when they got their first teeth. My 6 1/2 year old has only lost 2 teeth and doesn't even have any more loose ones. Your dentist can do a quick x-ray to make sure they are coming in. Our dentist is a very close family friend and heard frequently from me that my son had no teeth yet. When he finally did get his first tooth, I printed up a birth announcement and sent it to the dental office. It said something like "John Joseph Smith, along with his parents Susan and Tom Smith are proud to announce the erruption of his first tooth, a bottom left front tooth on December 10 at 8am. No gifts please." I did it in fancy type and on the stationary that I used for birth announcements. The office loved it and said it was the first time anyone had received an announcement for a tooth.

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LOL! The announcement is so cute :) I don't think I have bothered our doctor enough to send a similar one out to him, but most certainly my friends and family are going to get one for the countless emails I have sent them on this subject!!! Thanks much. Also, I am fortunate in that DS is not too fussy about the food either...he softens whatever the food is with his gums and then eats it. He loves different foods, especially when it is either in the hands of another kid in his playgroup or on the floor :)

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