children's sewing cards?

mollyjaneaMay 18, 2007

i am looking for a source for old fashioned kids' sewing cards, with which a child uses a threaded needle (yarn and big plastic needle)to sew thru holes in the card. anyone? thanks. molly in ri

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Those use the laces like shoes, not needle and thread. Sorry.


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I used to make them for my kids years ago. You can buy the large plastic needles at any fabric store. My kids would draw a pic onto cardboard, then I would use my hole punch and they thought that was great!
BTW, you can replace the shoelaces in the ones at Walmart with yarn if you want.
Something else my kids enjoyed was working with plastic canvas. Cut the canvas into squares and let them sew the squares together to make boxes, using the large plastic needles and yarn. Great Grandma and Grandpa gifts!
Kathy G in MI

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I saw alot of them at Educational Wonderland in Syracuse NY area which is a teacher/parent store. They were all lace cards and I also saw them at Toys R Us but only in laces. You can purchase the plastic needles and yard at fabric stores

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