baby not talking at 19 months

fredz_gardenerMay 19, 2008

Need some help here guys. My little girl is 19 months but she still cannot talk. she is able though to sing songs she hears on the radio or tv. when you talk to her she just looks at you like she doesnt understand. if she wants something done for her she comes and takes you hand. if you try to ignore her she makes alot of noise. she is very active and a cannot concentrate or sit in one plce for more than a minute.

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Have you discussed this with your pediatrician?? Around that age my toddler didn't speak much either. She didn't call my mama until she was almost two. At that age, I'd say she had around 30 words. Maybe you have nothing to worry about at all, she could just be more of a thoughful child. Hope this helps :) Christy

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Some kids talk late, but the fact that she looks at you like she doesn't understand you is another thing. It could be nothing, but I would run your concerns past your doctor just in case. If there is a problem, it's usually better to get it detected early.

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It concerns me that she 'takes you by the hand' rather than using vocalizations to get you to do something, and that you wrote that she 'appears not to understand' when you talk to her. When she 'sings' along to the radio, is it tune only? Or are there word sounds in there also?

You're writing here because you're concerned --
Listen to that little voice and INSIST upon the following two evaluations:

- First would be an "autism screening" instrument for toddlers designed to rule out possible autism-spectrum issues. There are several screening tests available online for parents to use, and while they're certainly not precise enough to diagnose, they're very good at letting you know if you DON'T need to be concerned. Consider also that the country's foremost pediatrics groups are now recommending that *every* child be screened for autism now *twice* before age two. A basic screen is something a good pediatrician should be able to do with 5-20 questions and quickie little tests in his office. However many *older* pediatricians may not be familiar with the screens or may dismiss your concerns. *Don't let your concerns be dismissed this easily.*

- Second would be a hearing, speech and language evaluation by a Speech Therapist (SLP) who specializes in young children. Oftentimes mild hearing impairments (caused by earwax or repeated infections) can cause language delays and behaviors that appear autistic-like. But DON'T do just the SLP exam and WAIT on the autism screen. If autism IS a concern, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

If your pediatrician dismisses EITHER of these requests as trivial or unnecessary, consider this a STRONG sign that this pediatrician is not the right one for your family.

Here is a link that might be useful: Things to look for

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Listen to Sweeby....If I had gotten here first I would have said the same things.
Very very likely she's just slow....but in the event that there is a problem, and from what you have said, the indicators are there, you need to get on it as soon as possible.
There is no harm in getting help early for what turns out to be of no concern....but there IS harm in delaying treatment for something that needs attention. There could be lifelong effects for your daughter.
Linda C

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