Feel sad for my son

krisb_tx8May 12, 2002

My son is 3 1/2 yrs. old and the neighbor across the street has a 4 yrs. old boy and they became good friends. They don't go to same school but always play together after school. Our neighbor become a victim of economy slow down and is listing their house for sale and it looks like they get a buyer. We talked to our DS several times that "Joe" is going to move out to his grandpa's place and there will be new people live in that house. My DS won't accept this and keep saying that "Joe" will come back like he always do every weekend. He said that I'm wrong. I feel so sad and I've teary eyes everytime I think that he is going to lose a friend at such young age. This is not the first time he lost friends, he had 2 classmates that moved away after Christmas but that didn't affect him. I just don't know what else I can tell him. When he didn't see "Joe" in his yard, he always asked where is Joe. Gosh, I dread the time for them to say goodbye. I always thought they'll grow up together. Got to stop here, writing this just makes me cry.

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What tough lessons he is learning so young. Poor guy. I feel for you both.

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Well, I live a town that is full of Navy personel.
And around here, friends leaving is a real reality.
I dealt with it growing up and now, my children do the same.
My oldest boy (10), has "lost" several friends starting at about 19-20 months.
It was harder at around the age of 3-4, but kids are so resilliant. And after a few "weekends" he will get what you've been trying to "prepare" him for.
It's really harder on us Mom's, then our kids.
As far as the classmates not affecting him.
There were a dozen other friends still there.
He will be fine. It really is harder on you then him.
And it hurts just the same each time.
I know.
Take care,

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Thanks all. Few days before neighbor moved (last week) he finally didn't say I was wrong. He accepted the fact, but now when he was playing by himself, he liked to talk as if Joe was there. Like imaginary friend. And he still kept asking why they need to move away.

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