Happy Thanksgiving from this Canadian

mitchdesjNovember 24, 2012


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Happy Thanksgiving from the West Coast of Canada. Wishing you all a wonderful day with friends and family.


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A Happy Thanksgiving from this Canadian too!! Wishing you a great day with friends and family and....a moist turkey!


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Thank you, Northern Neighbors! I hope it's a nice day for you, too.

I am baking some cheddar cheese cookies at the moment. That's my one assignment for the holiday. My mother (age 95) is doing the rest. As soon as these are baked, I will shower and dress, then pick up my niece at the train. She's coming in from Manhattan. My oldest niece, her husband and two kids are arriving from NC. My son lives near by and will join us, too. It's been a number of years since we had more than three or four at the table.

It's a beautiful sunny, crispy fall day. I have the Macy's Parade on the tv as I bake. I really like Thanksgiving, because it is for anyone who eats!

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Thank you all. I remember one Thanksgiving in Montreal at a lebanese restaurant with a fellow american. Boy that was a long time ago!

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Happy Thanksgiving from your Southern Neighbor in Central PA! :-). We will be enjoying our meal on Saturday. To everyone else, eat hearty and have a wonderful day!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Happy Thanksgiving, all, and thank you, my Canadian friends.

I've got apple pie in the oven, along with some cauliflower I'm roasting, just so I can have something that's not covered in cream of _____. (fill in the blank.) I have brownies to cut up and get into a travel dish, and then, wallah, we're off to Oklahoma City. My SIL decided to have dinner at 4:00 instead of noon, this year, which takes all kinds of pressure off.

Enjoy your day, everyone!


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Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble, Gobble.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Woke up at 5AM PT and started cooking at 5:30. The pie is done, as well as the rolls and stuffin' muffins. Next I am going to prepare the turkey but not going to cook it till this afternoon. I like to get as much done way before so not running around the kitchen like a crazy person at the last minute. I do everything ahead of time, then I can clean up and relax. I reheat it in the microwave or oven while the turkey rests after cooking. Hope everyone enjoys their meal and company they share it with.

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Thank you.

The turkey is in the oven, the pies are made, and the family has cancelled. My dear granddaughter is on the sofa, throwing up, so my DD and DS and DDIL have decided that the wise course might be not to come. Especially since her mom and dad were sick with this, too, earlier this week!

We'll have LOTS of leftovers.

It's still a wonderful day, the sun is shining and we have a wonderful meal planned.

Hope everyone else is having a good Thanksgiving, too.

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LOL Momj47!!

A very Happy Thanksgiving from this Canadian too!
Be sure and have 2 pieces of pie!

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Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes! I trust you all had a happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

I have mentioned before, I feel connected to our very dear northern neighbors because of the large Canadian population here (South FL) in the winter, the Canadian health centers, and the Canadian radio programs.

I just finished making fried corn, last night I made Turtle Trifle. BIL is hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

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Thank You Canada!

I saw this Maxine funny and had to share...

Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!!!!


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Hey Mustangs...don't forget I'm down there for the month of February!!!

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Thanks to all our Canadian good wishes!

The spatchcocked turkey is on the grill, I am making a few sides, others are bringing the rest. DH and I put on 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' for cooking music and we're rocking out while my 89 YO father is here and bemused, LOL

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Happy Thanksgiving from -20C (-3F) Northern Alberta - Now you have another thing to be thankful for LOL

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Thank you, I love my Northern neighbors, it's the only time I get to say that I live in the South, LOL.

Here it was pumpkin pie, cheesecake, chocolate pie, homemade ice cream. Oh yeah, we had turkey too, LOL.

Amanda woke up throwing up but came anyway and napped on the couch while the kids watched "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" courtesy of Netflix DVD. Ashley had one of those troublesome gallbladder attacks so she didn't eat much either. Madison played with her cousins, Mom and Elery had a couple of glasses of wine. We had lots of leftovers too, so we made up some plates and sent them to Ashley's co-workers who were stuck working emergency today and Kevin, who is pulling a double shift.

CLBlakey, it was 55F and sunny here, a lovely Thanksgiving Day. With a wonderful husband, both my daughters and all my grandkids, I have a lot to be thankful for.


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Thank you friends. It was a nice week and a nice day. On the way home the trees, bushes, lawns and vehicles are coated in the white stuff. Quite pretty actually.

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Sharon, I'm looking forward to it.

Speaking of weather, it was a tad bit chill tonight as we had turkey around the pool. Sure sign that these will be gone soon...

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With so many Canadian relatives (French Canadian), I sometimes feel I am half Canadian, and I do also celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Happy Thanksgiving day everyone. :)

Btw, just found out that Starbucks is giving away free gift cards all night long on this Thanksgiving.

Here's the link to claim a Free Starbucks gift card: http://theshoppingpeople.com/go/thanksgivinggiveaway

Enjoy your Thanksgiving day with free Starbucks coffee! :)

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Thanks for the well wishes, Northern Neighbors, and a happy Thanksgiving to everyone stateside! I got invited over by a friendly neighbor, so I didn't spend it alone. I didn't have to lift a finger, except that when the hostess was starting to look upset about dinner being forty minutes late because the gravy wouldn't thicken, I made her a roux and stirred it in (and got the hero's welcome for five minutes of effort) :-). Otherwise I drank the appallingly disgusting 2005 Pinot Noir I had brought and played with the baby :-)

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Am impressed that so many super cooks had time to get off a friendly message on Thanksgiving Day. A belated Happy Thanksgiving from Maryland to all you warm hearts out there.

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Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! And thanks to Brad for reminding me that we can postpone dinner until Saturday - I love that idea.

Here's what's blooming just outside my patio door - a Senecia that I've had for two years and never bloomed before. I wasn't expected flowers from it but was pleasantly surprised by the yellow daisy-looking blooms. I'm also getting bud spikes on several cymbidiums, and I've been having trouble getting those to bloom.


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