Is stainless really on the way out??

horseyonzFebruary 15, 2013

I kinda hope integrated (panels) still in? What is the new must have in kitchen appliances?

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No, stainless remains VERY strong in all mid grade appliance selections. In upper end appliances, it's always been THE thing to have in ranges and cooking equipment. Color has crept it's way into that realm though. As in red, eggplant, royal blue. It remains a minor trend, but it's more significant than it was 5 years ago. For refrigeration, your slip is showing panels are out, and fully integrated where's the fridge is in. Steam ovens seem to be the new gadgets that are must haves for the now, with warming drawers taking a back seat to them.

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I think it depends on the look you are trying to achieve. I felt like panels were a no-no in my kitchen. My cabinets are white and my panels would be white and I have 2 active boys and everyone seems to hang out at our house. I also have water/ice on the outside of our SubZero, so panels don't look to great with that feature. So, I see dirty hands on my white panels.
I am putting panels on my ice maker and dishwasher - they flank my sink area.
If your fridge is a focal wall, then maybe panels would be better.
I agre with Greendesigns....the steam oven is really in...I can't wait to get mine!
I also think a trend is microwaves being "hidden." Instead of being built into the cabinets like an oven, people are hiding them in an appliance garage or like me, I will put it in my walk in pantry. We only use it to re-heat coffee and make popcorn.
I think the bottom line is to make your kitchen what you want it to be! Function is often more important than fashion!
Enjoy your new kitchen!

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The cooktop in my previous c.1961 kitchen was stainless, as was the sink and faucet. The dishwasher had a panel to match the cabs. The original fridge was white, but it had a custom cabinet around it. So I'd say that both stainless and panels are timeless, or at least they keep coming back.

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No, I think it will now stay as an option.

Integrated panels continue to make inroads particularly for dishwashers, but most people will not spend $5000-10000 on a built in fridge, and I think panels on an obvious fridge are not so popular anymore, so panels will always be "in" at one tier of the market.

Colors occasionally rear their heads. I would buy colored appliances, but only ranges and laundry appliances show much diversity here.

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