Structure in Pre-k?

pumpkinmomApril 29, 2008

My son is in pre-school this year and this fall begins pre-k. He will be older because he misses the cut off and will be 5 in November. I was wondering what an average day of school consists of in other schools. I have questions regarding the academic portion of the day. Should they at this age be advancing each child individualy or will they just teach everyone the same thing even if they already know them. I don't have a genius or anything but he already knows and regonizes the letters, colors , shapes and numbers to 20. He can count to 100 without help. So just wondering if they will or should be taking him to the next level or should I not expect this? There is plenty he needs practice on writing, social etc...

What do your children do during pre-k

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Why don't you sit down with someone at the school, maybe the Pre-K teacher and ask them. I doubt it's structured like "regular" school, probably much more like nursery school. If you don't like it, don't send him. Good luck.

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Keep him in pre-K. It is the social maturity that is so important, IMHO. He will do just fine.

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Thank you! I did sign him up for Pre-K this fall. Our school district has full day kindergarden, so I did not want to stop our routine of getting ready for school and his way of behaving in a shool setting.

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My focus for choose a preschool was to have well qualified teacher (with degrees in education). These teachers were able to build learning into the fun activities that my older preschooler loved. Structure is not the issue, but developmental programming is.

Another option is to find a classroom that includes older peers, like your son.

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