blue tape and supposed new 'edge guard'

jessie21August 18, 2010

Just heard a commercial on tv for the 3m blue painter tape, now with new "edge guard" and was wondering if anyone has had the chance to try it out yet. I was thinking of painting a stripe in a bathroom and might try it if it doesn't require doing any special "tricks" to prevent bleed. Anyone try it yet? Results?

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I kinda smiled to myself when I saw these commercials for the first time this summer!

I was wondering what took 3M so long to have their OWN version of Frogtape, which an ex-employee of 3M developed!
This person was allegedly involved in developing the famous "Post-its" long ago too!

We brought in Frogtape in late '07, when it was first released through "Product-Rep's" channels. No hardware "chains" had it. About a year ago, ACE finally picked it up for stores to order thru the ACE system. Frogtape did have an ownership/mfr. change somewhere along the line, but it's still the same stuff. now 3M's got their own brand of "coated" tape!


(well...there ya have it. This is kinda MY version of Paul Harvey's "Now you know the REST of the story..."!)

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Have not tried the new blue tape. Have used the Green Frog, which HD sells. Usually, I use the reg. blue tape, even for stripes, just make sure to lightly burnish the edges. I have painted a few stripes in my day!:

I really loved the brown tape for stripes (gave more coverage left and right of the stripe), but not everybody carries that anymore. Pity.

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I am a muralist and have used frogtape in past jobs with absolute success..Today I used the edge guard 3M tape with awful results. The stripes bled no matter how much I ran my finger over the tape to make sure it was sealed. I will not use it again..Frogtape for me from now on!!

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Lori A. Sawaya

PG - beautiful work! I love that blue, very chic.

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Thanks Funcolors, but I can't take the credit for the color on this job, only the decorative painting. I worked with a really good designer and builder on this one. They did an amazing job on the whole house.
I forget what BM color we used.

The tan stripes are BM Willmington Tan. FYI.

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