How to paint over faux troweled plaster glazed walls?

KCRemodelerAugust 18, 2011

I have "Tuscan" style hand troweled plaster (I assume plaster??) textured walls throughout my kitchen. Best I can tell, this was done over top of wallpaper (home built 1990) and probably done about 10 yrs ago (??). Looks like there is a glaze over the walls to get the dark brown color in the depressions.

I'm not really digging the Tuscan vibe, and am struggling to redo the kitchen w/ these walls! I don't want to tear out and redo drywall, and I don't want to try to sand down the finish and smooth out. The texture itself doesn't bother me (it appears to be professionally well done) but the color does. So...

How much success would I have to repaint over this?? What type of paint?? Would I think do a similar glazing again? Would it look odd if I didn't glaze the low points??

Anyone have any pics of this type texture walls painted to look anything BUT Tuscan? Trying to figure out if it's realistic that I can keep the texture but change the paint (and the vibe) such that it doesn't look like a bad band-aid to a formerly Tuscan kitchen. (which, BTW, really is the only thing Tuscan about my kitchen...)

I really appreciate your help!!!

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I am not a paint expert - hopefully one of the pros will jump in - but if it were my house, I would clean the walls as best I could with Dirtex powder in water, then use a really good primer and then paint using a roller for rough surfaces.

In my opinion, you could paint it and not use glaze.

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I'm far from an expert, too, but my neighbor has troweled walls that are simply painted (no glaze)--and they look very nice.

My one question would be whether you need to scuff sand the parts that are glazed. I think the glazing may add sheen.

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Piece of cake!

Wash the walls, then use any good brand of paint and a roller with enough nap to reach into the crevices. Expect to do 2 coats. .

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be carefully if the walls were clear coated you may have to sand and or prime depending on the clear coat used. If no clear was used then 2 coats with a quality paint and a thicker nap roller should do the job, good luck!

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