Lets share tips and tricks for toddlers

Patty WVApril 20, 2001

Just thought this might be a good thread to start.Do you have any tips to share on toddlers?What about tricks for taking medicine ect.I have a couple of tips to share.

1.A pizza cutter works great for cutting up food into toddler size bites.It's a whiz for cutting pancakes and eggs.

2.Some may not agree with this,but it worked for my toddlers.M&M's for potty training.When I started potty training I gave my kids 2 m&m's if they peed in the potty and 5 if they pooped in the potty.It worked for me, as well as a few friends of mine.

3.Put ice cubes in your toddlers sippy cup.I do'nt know why,but my kids always drank more water if there was ice cubes in it.

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Hey, Im in WV too! The ice thing is true. My kids will do anything for ice. I have two boys and to get them to hit the toilet I use to put cherrios in the toilet for target practice!lol. They would drink and drink just to get to shoot cheerios! Now that I have the girl, finally, I dont know what I am going to do when she starts. I have heard of putting some kind of cloring in the water and when they pee the water changes color. We also go through the bubbles so I make my own and put it in the used bottles. I use to put the stuff in little non breakable bowls but they kept spilling that for some reason. Crayon marks were all over my house till I discovered WD 40. It takes it off like a charm!
Also, my sister use to make koolaid ice to put in water. That worked for her kids.

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Hi, Im from Wv but now live in Co. Anyway, thanks for the ice in the sippy cup trick. I am going to try it today because my daughter does not drink much water. I only have one daughter who is now a year old so I dont have much advice to pass on to others, but I love reading them. Thanks!

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My son is thinking about starting to potty train. His Dad told him the other night if he peed in the potty he would give him a cookie. Well, our son came running out into the kitchen and said to me, "Mommy,I pee, cookie." He also sits on the potty with the seat down and says cookie. It's funny how fast he associated the two.

I can't think of any of my tips at this moment. Give me awhile and they will come to me and I'll share them.

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My fil taught my ds to blow raspberries. When my son puts dirt or something in his mouth that we don't want in there, we have him to blow a raspberry and spit it out. It's a lot easier than sticking a finger in his mouth and starting a fight to dig whatever out.

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I still get a lot of use out of my "restaurant bag". It's a pencil case with crayons, small coloring pad, some stickers or stamps, and a few small toys that I'd change periodically (now that my son is almost 3, his Rugrats UNO game is his favorite in the bag). This bag is only for use in restaurants and has been instrumental in keeping my son quiet, happy and well-behaved while dining out.

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Ilisa that's a great idea.
I forgot to add on my first post that freezer wrap makes pretty good finger paint paper since the other side is waxed so it does'nt get as wet.
If you take a comic from the Sunday comics and place it on waxed paper or the waxed side of freezer paper,comic side down and rub with a tounge depressor it will transfer a pic to the paper.

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For my older one, I would put medication in his sippy cup - which I knew he would drink all of it. I don't have to do that now that he's 3. He takes medicine with no problem.

A good tip for healthy eating is if your child likes tomato sauce or any other pasta sauce, steam and puree veggies and add them to the sauce. I do this with all sorts of green veggies that my older one won't normally eat. My younger one loves veggies, so there is no need to do this.

Also, homemade freezer pops made with 100% juice. Cheap and easy!

Discovery Toys sells this 'art box' called Creative Cubby. It has a wipe off board (also a magnet board) and a chalk board and the back side has a place for a cup or to put crayons and they can use the hard surface to lean on for eating or coloring. Inside, I usually put crayons, markers, magnets, coloring books and stickers. It keeps them busy while we are in waiting rooms or at a restaurant.

Another good tip is to pack your trunk with an extra jacket, hat, diapers and wipes. Whatever you may need while you're out.

Oh, also another really super suggestion is to buy one of those visor bath hats to keep the water and soap out of their eyes. This hat makes bath time so much easier!!!!

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The best "Potty Training" tip I can offer is to get your kid to play with one that already is! Same applies to swimming.... my kid was terrified of water till he saw all the fun it was from other kids...came back from vacation swimming like a seal.

Kids learn best from other kids, so if you have friends with "terrors from hell", cultivate other friends.

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GETTING KIDS TO EAT: I'll say, "Don't eat that!" He of course does the opposite, and eats it.

IN THE CAR: Always keep an extra "emergency" diaper bag, or backpack in the car filled with toilet paper, wipes, diapers, extra clothes, crayons, paper, Tylenol, and small toys. They all come in handy.
Always keep a supply of toys in the back seat. Call them "car" toys and tell the kid(s) they don't belong in the house. This way the car will always be too messy to drive family members around (oh I'm sorry there's not enough room for Aunt Jean cousin Leroy and the dog).

DOORS: It's hard to control 2 overly rambunctious kids who want to run off as soon as they get out of their car seats. When I'm in a parking lot, as soon as each of them gets out of the car, I make them put both their hands ON the car. This way I know where their hands/fingers are when I close the doors.

DRESSING: I will choose 2 outfits and then let dd or ds tell me which one they want. They feel like they've had a say in it.

BATH: Sometimes I pour Baby Dove Liquid Soap into the tub to make lots of bubbles. This way I know they're getting clean too.

SHOPPING: About half way through the grocery store I will open the juice boxes that I'm going to buy. There's 3 to a pack so when I get to the check-out I hand her the one lone box and I tell her I've already opened it. We've also done this with mini coloured marshmallows or other candies. (This one is only done for a MAJOR grocery shopping spree not a quick trip) This way I can't be accused of stealing candies etc. by bringing my own into the store

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I've got a great one. Painting the bath tub. Just strip them down, give them water colors, a brush and a cup of water. It's a great canvas and NO MESS! It washes off with a sponge and water.

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~falls on the floor laffin~....OMG....you guys had me chuckling all night!!!! Those were great tips!!!
rhondat...oh gosh you crack me up..but oh how true your post was. Thanks for the tips ladies...BTW...the ice in the sippy cup is soooo true. I stumbled onto it when I gave her warm juice....I threw in ice to make it cold quick and she drank it down in record time!!!

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rhondat, I love the too-crowded car!

I tried to carry a small pair of scissors (a Swiss mommy knife!) to cut the bottom off of the straws at restaurants--can't tell you how many times my kids have tried to tip the glass so they can reach the top of the tall straw. Icut the bottoms, not the tops, so the top edge will stay factory-smooth.

And I keepa box of bendy straws in the glove compartment, and use them to replace McDonald's straws, etc., for the same reason. Also come in handy for Snapple,etc., that don't come w/ straws.

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Hysterical! My mom potty trained ME with M&M's, and will never let me forget that. She's looking forward to doing the same with my DD when the time comes (she just turned 1yr). My DD also likes the ice cubes in the sippy; I think it's the noise they make swishing around the cup.

One thing I do when feeding her is put some Kix cereal on her high chair tray; it keeps her occupied while I'm trying to feed her. She also likes her own fork to play with, but sometimes grabs the one I'm using so she has both.

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I also used the num-nums and now that she is potty trained and I am on the pot she asked me if I want some num-nums (M&M's). I too have an "emergency bag" in the trunk of the car. I allow suckers and popsicles in the bath tub only. She can color the water with them and have fun and I don't have the mess.

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To know our kids are save while we sleep. We put a hook and eye lock on the outside of their bedroom door. They have all their toys in there and I have a giant peace of mind while I get good sleep.

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Anyone have any more tips about giving a 2 yr old medicine? She won't take pills, or drink it from a cup on her own. She can taste it in juice. We give it to her in a syringe. Any sugeestions would be appreciated. I got one tip this morning that I will try tonight, blow in their faces, it makes them swallow?

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Jainie, LOL; I have the same trouble with my 26mo dd. The only way is to hold lay her down, put my arm (or leg) over her arms and syringe it into her mouth. She just sees me coming with it and takes off.

Maybe using a play teacup, mixed with juice? I know they can taste it, but my dd will usually drink anything and everything from a play teacup. Kim has gotten the word coffee associated with the teacup; I'll have to try it out tonight and tell her it's coffee, when it's really Robitussin mixed with Snapple!

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General thoughts, hope it helps.

At 2, the blowing in the face wont work. I just treated mine like an older child, explained what the meds were for, and that they were to make her well. Led by example, too. Always showed her that Mommy and Daddy have their own meds, and she has her own sometimes, too. (was also a lesson in not touching other people's meds as an extra precaution). I even made it a point to take her with me when I get my flu shot every year, and explain why.

Above all, tell the truth. Dont say shots dont hurt, or that medicine always tastes yummy. They will distrust you if you fib on these things.

At two, kids understand, and appreciate honesty, and it will take a dose or two (or three) to get them to trust you, and trust the meds. But it is a battle worth fighting, becuase it will only get worse, if you don't get them off on the right foot now.

Note: Check with pharmacy before mixing meds with juice. There are some medicines that this is not allowed.

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We are still battling this. She isn't willing take any meds. She used to take grape flavored Tylenol Cold and Motrin cold, willingly, but since this antibiotic, she steers clear from everything. My daycare mom told me that she went to touch her head (feather in her hair) and DD screamed no and clenched her mouth shut. She thought that daycare mom was going to give her medicine. She doesn't care that we take medicine or her brother either. We tried that "see I take medicine too" thing, and you'll be a big girl. I know it tastes bad, but we can have a piece of candy or something to drink afterward to make th ebad taste go away (this is what we do with DS, and it works very well, but he is 4, and understands more). My 2 yr old DD is very stubborn. She is a sweet girl, but when she makes up her mind, she is very persistant. And not only that, after we "force her" to take her meds, she holds a grudge and stays mad at us for a very long time. She is into "no" and calls us "stupid". We are finding ourselves punishing her for this and medicine time is a nightmare.
Only 3 days left until the end of admin, but unfortunatley, I think she may need an extension, she is still very congested. we are taking her back to the doctor on friday to see if she still has the infection, wish us luck.

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Another thought. I'm allergic to penicillin. DD took penicillin the first time she had strep, and did fine. And she does fine with all other meds (tylenol, etc). But the next time she got strep, she refused the penicillin to the point of gagging it back up.

I talked to the doc who theorized that maybe she is 'allergic' or hypersensitive to what is in it, and is instinctually refusing it. So the doc called me in some of the good old pink stuff, I gave DD that, and she took it all and got well.

To this day, the only thing she pointly refused was penicillin.

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Only tip I can think of is stickers for potty. We are diabetic and can't do M&Ms, so it was a great alternative.

I agree on treating the medicine problem with telling the child what it is, what it'll be like and why you're doing this. Kids get it, really they do and at a very young age. As a matter of fact, I tell my DS everything, because you just never know what they're going to understand or remember. It can be funny like when he tells my DH that volcanoes errupt when tetonic plates rub together, you should see that look!


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Here's a trick I used on my stepdaughter, who would *not* drink a cup of milk - a few sips and she was done. I secretly put a drop or two of red food coloring in the bottom of a glass. I then held it so my hand wrapped around the bottom so she couldn't see the coloring. I asked her if she wanted some "magic milk".

I ceremoniously took the carton of milk and poured it into the glass - as it filled the milk turned pink. You should have seen her eyes!!! She drank the whole thing. I varied the colors so it was always a surprise, but she liked pink and purple the best.

Funny thing was the next time I talked to her mom, she asked me what the heck magic milk was. My stepdaughter is now 13, but we still have magic milk. We take turns creating the colors.

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Chewing Gum, stuck on stickers (especially out of the dryer)and crayon markings. They come right out with finger nail polish remover. I have used this on carpet, clothing, and upolstery. Test it first to see if if fades, but so far I have been lucky with cotton, thick pile, jeans, acrylic sofa, and a thermal blanket. No fading. It kinda changed the sticky property of the gum/adhesive. It crumbed out.
We tried the "freezing" technique unsucessfully, but this really works.

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My 26mo dd does her best eating in the bathtub. She's not a big dinner eater, and she's very picky. She loves turkey franks, scrambled eggs, watermelon and sliced up apples. She'll pick (if that much) at dinner time, but if I put the same food on the tub ledge in bowls, she'll scarf up each and every piece of food and fruit. She loves to dip the food under the trickeling water, or grossly, in the bubbles.

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For bath toys, buy a plastic strainer. I put DS toys in there and the water drains away - plus they keep stored in there and are easy to remove when someone needs the bath.

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Chantel, where have you been??? hope all is well with you! I love the strainer idea!

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I prefer using kitchen sheers to cut food into bite sized pieces - it's so fast.


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I had thought of the shears, but I like it!

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If you get soup too hot,add an ice cube to cool it down.

I like the hands on the car suggestion.

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My youngest DS was scared of monsters. Of course, who wouldn't be! :) No matter what I told him, he would get all nervous at bedtime. So, one night when I had reached my limit, I said, "I don't believe in monsters, but if it makes you feel better, I could spray some Monster Repellant in here." I took a can of air freshner, put a "Monster Repellant" label around the can, and sprayed his room quickly. I made sure to concentrate on the closet and under the bed. It worked like a charm and every now and then he would ask me to spray his room with the monster spray. Of course he eventually outgrew it and realized it was fake. But it's funny because he's 17 now and he remembers the Monster Repellant.

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