help needed today!! need pics of bm bedroom paint you've used!

seasidecottageAugust 14, 2010

We are TOTALLY unsure of what to paint our bedroom. Please help.

Thinking of antique pearl (BM) or dreamy cloud. East facing room with ivory furniture. I want it to feel very sleepy,serene, tranquil BUT

still be able to decorate with Any Bedding we want.

HELP! Priming later , painting tomorrow!

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One seems warmer (cozy), one seems cooler (peaceful), but they are both very light and I would be concerned how they would look with ivory furniture. Do they contrast without clashing?

A warm light color I used in my Mom's apartment was Blond Wood. She was not wanting any color, but I didn't want her to have the cold white walls. THe color had to be bright enough to not obscure much light. Her apt doesn't have a lot of natural light. Blond Wood was perfect for both of us. She gets tons of compliments on it.

It is dark enough that it would contrast well with ivory furniture but not too dark for light purposes. Definitely it is in the warm category vs. cool. I'm not a cool color person, so I can't help much on those.

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THANKS! It's nice but dh isn't wild about it. How about Sand dollar? It looks knd of white on the wall

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It looks kind of white on the wall

I think thats the issue with ivory furniture. too close.

can you bring a drawer of the furniture with you to the furniture store and decide there when you see them together? At a dedicated paint store (like BM ColorWorks), the folks there are usually very good at guiding you in the right direction.

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Good idea. You're right, ,Sand dollar is kind of white. What about Dreamy Cloud??

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I suspect its too light for ivory furniture. I think it will look white-ish on the wall.

I'm not a fan of very light colors, so hard for me to comment.

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Check out BM "Scenic Drive." It's blue-ish but a very hard color to describe, and changes more than most depending on lighting. It is a spectacular color and looks great with light furniture.

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I have always purchased pints or quarts to try in the room I am painting. Expensive, but less so than purchasing a gallon or two and finding out you hate it. Even better, BM has the tiny pots you can buy which cost only about $4, I believe. They also have the large paper squares you can buy and tape directly on the walls. Like wendyb, I am not a fan of very light colors, and the one time I attempted to use an ivory tone they just kept coming out, as she said, "white-ish". Whether you try the pots or pints or paper square, be sure you place it in multiple locations of the room, high and low, in all lighting situations. You will be astonished at how different it looks each time. Good luck.

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"Paint in haste, repent at leisure"
Just a thought- unless the Queen of England is stopping by tomorrow, maybe it would be better to look and consider for a while prior to actually painting, until you find a color you are happy with. Of course you can always repaint, but if there is no rush perhaps a few days to decide would be best.

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We're going to wait and possibly leave colors same.

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