twin bed or full bed for a toddler

arcy_2007April 22, 2007

I am trying to find out what would be better for a toddler a twin bed or a full bed size? we bought a twin bed for our daugher who is 33 months old and my husband keeps insisting that we need to switch it to a full size for the long term. the manager at the furniture store is willing to make the switch. I think that even for long term a twin is okay, but I am open to a full size since it would probably be more comfortable for her in later years. I can't make a decision at this point becuase I also think a twin is more than enough and she will be able to use it until she is probably 13 or 14. any ideas, suggestions.

I really need help in making this decision since I need to get back to the store manager with my choice. Please help!!

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There is no way any kid "needs" a full sized bed.
But when they get older it is kind of fun for sleepovers.
Linda C

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We have all our kids in full size beds. I know it not something that they need however we are very frugal with money. We knew that eventually they would all move into bigger beds so we figured to just save the money now by not buying twin and having to buy again later. The full size is great for sleepovers and the kids love to share beds with each other.

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My kids always had twin beds growing up. They bought their own full/queen/king when they moved out. Budget said twin, room in house said twin, so that's what they got.


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We went with a full size bed. our DS didn't need it, but Mom and Dad did......He went through a period of needing someone to lay down with him to fall asleep during the night terror times. So we upsized to ensure if we were laying down with him and happened to fall asleep, we might get a couple hours of decent rest, rather than hanging off the side of a twin.....

And he loves the big bed, can share with his cousin if they have a sleep over.

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We bought our kids twins. They had plenty of extra room for playing that way. I saw no need for a full bed. When they graduated and went out on their own, they all bought queen sized beds (hoping to get lucky). The oldest married, and she abandoned the queen for a king.

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My older son's twin bed is still fine and he's 19!
Younger son has a queen, but only because it was a hand-me-down.

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I'm a fluffy adult, and I have a twin! As a small child I had a full size bed but that was because my parents inherited it from my grandmother. When we moved and couldn't bring much furniture with us they bought us twins and I don't recall having any problems adjusting. I had a twin until I moved out and bought my own full sized bed. Now I've moved into a twin and don't miss the queen I used to have. Your children will be fine in twins.

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If I had it to do over, I would get twin extra long size for our sons as our family is tall.

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Maybe I'm outlier here but We recently moved into a house where one of kids rooms was big, we just decided to go with a queen and that indestructable steel bed from Room and Board. My brothers and I broke beds regularly as kids. My dad came by and said it was a great decision. Plus it's big enough that putting my 4 year old isn't totally uncomfortable.

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