ikea boxes and xyz doors?

jeriFebruary 9, 2013

When buying Doors & Drawers for the IKEA boxes from other vendors, how do you know what sizes to order? I already have the boxes, should I just measure the opening and deduct 1/8 or something?

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I think if you tell them the boxes, they know all of the sizes for the doors (assuming you use a company that is familiar with and does doors for Ikea). Best to call them (Scherrs, Barker, etc.) and ask them the process.


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Molly Phillips

With Scherrs, all you have to do is email your Ikea plan to them (you can do that through the Ikea software program) and they go from there. As my 5yo says, "easy peasey lemon squeezy." :)

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My husband has a friend who can get us a good deal on doors and drawers. I'm convinced the quality will be fine, but I doubt this company will know about IKEA - I think we need to know exactly what to ask for.

Do you think measuring from side to side and top to bottom and subtracting 1/8 inch from each should do it?

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You would be better off getting to an ikea and buying some cheap doors for templates. You can probably find some in as-is and for others get Harlig, which starts at around 5 bucks a door. Door vendors not familiar with the whole Ikea line (Scherr is, but AFAIK they're the only one) need not only the overall measurements but also the drilling patterns.

I know that Shelayne had to do quite a bit of work for her Advantage doors. You might post a shoutout for her. I haven't seen her in here recently, but she posted in Smaller Homes a couple of days ago.

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A whole cottage industry has sprung up around building custom doors for Ikea cabinets, chosen because they're inexpensive, decent quality, and (crucially) they sell cabinets boxes to comsumers separately without requiring doors to be bought with them. Besides Scherr, there's also Semihandmade, Palette Doors, and several others.

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writersblock has a good idea. We used Scherrs and all we had to do was send them our plans. We wanted them to bore the holes for us. I believe IKEA uses metric tools so you want to be exact. Part of the beauty of IKEA is their "innards" so it would be worth the extra few $$ to buy one of each size door/drawer so they can be made and bored properly.

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Yes, semihandmade is just for ikea, so they know, but I feel pretty sure that for advantage, cabinetnow, barkers, maplecraft, etc. you're in charge of providing all the specs, not just that you have a 21" three drawer base, or a 30" x 39" wall cabinet, for example, the way you can with Scherrs.

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