Nothing 2 drink & u can't go outside.......

cylinceApril 29, 2007

The only way I can get food is through W.I.C. & food stamps. 2 weeks out of every month, we have no food & no gas 2 get 2 the food bank. My 1 year old will only drink milk or juice,but what happends when I run out? He goes through 64 oz of juice within a day. He screams & throws his cup at me ALL day long. How can I get him 2 drnk water or understand there isn't any milk or juce left? And my other question was about my 2 year old. He loves gong outside but we live in between the freeway & the lake,so he can't go outside unless I am with him,but my 1 year old goes off in one direction & he goes in the other. So,I just don't let them outside unless one of them is sleeping or my older son is home 2 help me. My 2 year old keeps unlocking the door & escaping outside. I don't have the kids of door that can be childproofed(theres no door knob) So what do I do?

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I don't think your child should be drinking that much juice each day. If he fills up on it, he won't be eating as much solid food for the vitamins or drinking the milk he needs. He should mainly be drinking whole milk at his age. If you have to feed him some juice, try to water it down. I would just not bring it in the house.

I would maybe talk to your child's doctor about his diet and what substitutions are ok if you are running out of milk and the essentials mid month. He probably shouldn't be going without any milk for 2 weeks every month, etc...

You may want to install a deadbolt or another kind of lock on the door that is out of reach. You may be able to move the playpen outside or sit one of the kids in a stroller so that the kids can get some fresh air but still stay safe.

Here is a link that might be useful: one year diet

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I too think he is drinking too much juice and milk, if you must, each day fill up a container with how much he should have each day of each and when that is gone, it is gone and it is water (WIC can help you if you do not know). If he is still thirsty, give him water. If he throws the glass..take it away. You can't throw something you do not have, period. Come on, you're the parent here, not him. He'll get the idea. If he throws the glass, take it away, put him in a naughty spot for 1 minute.

A child harness may be necessary for one or both of the younger kids if it is the only way to keep them safe outside. I've seen cute ones that look like back packs. If you are outside with them, then they are using the harness until you can get them to a place that is fenced in and they are contained and can runn off their energy.

As far as escaping from the house, find a way to install a deadbolt, or chain higher than can be reached (even with a chair). Worth it to keep them safe.


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That is way too much juice he is drinking. I was also on WIC many years ago and i was very stict about how much juice they drink. I push water since they were babies. When i did give them juice i watered it down. We have such an obesity problem in our country and i think too much juice is partly to blame. Juice is not a nessesity. Water is! Start buying the frozen concentrate juice if you havent already. Only give him 1 6oz glass a day. Then give him water. Yes he'll be mad but when he get thirsty he will drink the water. As for him running around, dont be afraid to use the harness on him. I had kids just like yours. Its not worth taking the chance on them getting lost or something worse. It may also be a good investment to install locks on the house doors way on top of the door. There are also alarms you could buy so if he opens the door the alarm will go off. Good luck!

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If you are living on welfare ( and WIC and foodstamps are tax dollars pay for it) and with an abusive man in a travel trailer with 3 other children, why would you allow yourself to get pregnant?
Does your "husband" work? How does he get to work? Why can't he pick up food on the way home?
And when you do get food with stamps, are you buying things like boxed cookies and chips or good things like fresh veggies and canned fruit and veggies? Do you buy raw rice and cook it and pasta, or do you buy boxed mixes?
I could easily feet the 4 of you on $600 a month...without beer, cigarettes, chips, coke, frozen pizza toaster waffles and pop tarts.
64 oz of juice in a day? You could buy canned juice concentrate and mix it yourself. Not only is it cheaper but takes up less room. You could buy powdered milk. I had friends who were paying the mortgage on their 3500 sq foot home so their kids drank powdered milk and never ever had pop and chips.
And if you can't afford gas to go to the store, how are you affording a computer and internet access.
If you are serious about hating your situation, do something to make it better.
Linda C

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WIC is a program that gives you checks to only buy certain Wic approved items. These checks will say something like 4 juices( must be 100% juice approved by WIC), 64oz cereal(you can only buy cereals very low in sugar that are WIC approved). It is not like foodstamps where you can purchase anything you want such as cookies. I only wish WIC would provide checks for fresh fruits and vegtables instead of sugary juice. Even 100% juice is full of sugar. Wic is actuallly a very good program because it has such strict guidelines. Years ago when my husband lost his job after 9/11, WIC really helped me out. You can only be on WIC if you are pregnant and/or have small children. WIC means Women, Infants, and Children.

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64 oz a day juice habit. Give me a break. I have a 1 1/2 year old and realize it would be physically impossible for her to drink that much and eat solid food on top of it. This women is obviously making these stories up because going without food for 2 weeks with three kids is an issue that Children's Aid would be seriously addressing with the parents. This woman wrote before that her 1 year old won't leave her alone. One year old babies are not supposed to leave you alone. They are babies. Cylince if you are sincere then get a job, take care of your kids and be an adult. If this forum is just entertainment for you then find another source.

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Actually it is not impossible. I have a friend who kids are morbitly obese. Her 6 year old wears an adult medium size shirt. Last year she wore a girls size 12 pant so im not sure what she wears now. When she was a baby, mom would give her more then 64oz of juice a day. When she would come for a visit she would make sure i would have plenty of juice for her or she would go off and buy it. I have tried talking to her many time of the health problem her kids have. Everyone has tried. I dont understand people like that. They say they love there children, so why are they killing them?

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Duct tape the door. Better yet, you're not restricted to any location ( no job obligations ) Move next to a grocery store!

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In response 2 Lindac, yes,I did allow myself 2 get pregnat, but its hard 2 say no 2 him cuz he'll give me a guilt trip or go drink & take it out on my son. I would rather just get it over with. I would be on birth control but he won't let me go outdoors at all,not even 2 the doctor.He gets 2 work with my car, he only gets paid when the top is done at the end of the week. The money from welfare goes 2 rent & diapers n stuff. If we have food stamps, he'll pick up food, but we always run out. Usually by the time we run out, he hasn't gotten paid yet. I do buy mixed boxes of rice only b/c I don't have the time or patience 2 make rice from scratch. I do buy alot of fruits & veggies tho. We don't buy any chips,soda,cigaretts or nothing like that. My husband smokes but not me & he buys them himself. I do buy the frozen juice instead of bottles,but it only makes enough 4 about 4 cups of juice. My 1 year old doesn't ever get full from drinking juice or milk all day at all. I don't know why. He used 2 have a very good appetite but now,he just isn't hungry. And there is no way my husband would let me buy powedered milk. He hates it & my kids don't like the taste of it either.As 4 affording the computer & internet,its free. I have a laptop that was given 2 me & I use wireless.For Tegwyn, I am serious. I do understand that baies don't leave u alone,but my 2 year old plays alone just fine,& my 10 year old did also when he was 1. I see LOTS of babies who r NOT this clingy. I have another post under step parents forum called 'abusive stepdad'.That explains my story alittle better. Things r easier now tho b/c I am at a women's shelter & I only have my 10 year old & my 1 year old with me so far. He still has my 2 year old.

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It sounds like you found a solution to get your child to leave you alone. You stuff him with juice.

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"He still has my 2 year old"!....What? How/why did you leave one behind!!!!

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No ninos,I don't stuff him with juice. His cup is his comfort, just like a pacifier, he'll grow out of it. And its not that I wanted him 2 'leave me alone' but his brother who is only 11 months older, doesn't want 2 b picked up as much as he does. He doesn't cry as much either. I know kids r differant, but its hard 2 deal with sometimes. Yeah,Carla,he has my 2 year old. While he was dropping my son off at school, he happened 2 have taken my 2 year old with him. It would have been harder 2 take my 2 year old without an officer there. He just 'happened' 2 b there when I was taking my son out of school. I have 2 have a deputy present in oder 2 get my car, when I do, I'm sure I'll get my 2 year old also. But b/c he's the bio father & not a threat 2 that child, I will have 2 go 2 court. In the position that I'm in right now, being in a shelter,I can't really go 2 court yet. But I'll get him back by July when he moves,so its ok.

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I'm not really following what went on understanding your judgement in the least bit, but I wish you and all your kids the best of luck. I sounds like juice is probably the least of your problems...

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His problem with always wanting something 2 drink is becoming way less of a problem now that I'm away from my husband. Now the only problem I have is his screaming & crying all day b/c he wants something he can't have. Distractions don't work & I can't let him just cry it out here at the shelter. My roomates r under enough stress from there own situations with their abuser. Now that my husband isn't around,I can take him 2 the doctor & find out 'why' he's always so thirsty.

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A sip cup or bottle is not a pacifier. It is not a habit he will just grow out of. You are saying that you give him all that juice to sooth him like a pacifier would. He is not thirsty and you know it. Let me guess.....He just big boned too.

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I think this should be reported to the police. They can trace the computer these messages were sent from and see if the this is true and if the kids are OK. Sounds fishy to me, but I'm going to have the police check this out.

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what sounds fishy? I don't understand y its so hard 2 believe that my son just wants his cup all the time.And my son is in no way fat or anything. Like I said b-4, now that I'm in this shelter,away from my husband,he is getting alot better. For the first time yesterday, he didn't ask 4 his cup more than twice. It was the situation I was in at the time. Things r getting better wile I'm here. And trust me,the police already know whats going on with me,thats y I'm in a shelter 2 begin with. In fact,the police r going with me today 2 get my car & my 2 year old. And I don't give him his cup 2 soothe him like a pacifier, he does that on his own. I don't always give it 2 him when he cries 4 it, but like I said b-4,I can't just let him throw a fit here, & cry all the time. If I do,I'll get kicked out. Here's a picture of him. As u can see, his weight is just fine.

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Cylince, don't listen to those who don't understand. Not eveyrone has it easy like they must have had it. You keep on trying hard with those kids and feed them the best you can. If you keep on being in your good situation, I bet the kids will calm down, drinking less juice and being more confident. I would suggest to give him his cup, after telling him, "When you sit quietly you can have your cup". That is, use it as a reward, that way, it'll give you the control instead of him controlling you.

Best wishes to you.

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