more 'potty training'

victory_tea2085April 9, 2007

Caleb, who is 22 mos. old, started to show signs of wanting to use a potty. What he does now is to say "potty", "poopy", "pee pee" in no predictable order- so we take him to the br and let him sit on the potty. This has been going on for over a week and so far, no results. Are we doing something wrong? After a few minutes, we take him off the potty- he cries briefly and that is it. We have the book " Happiest kid on the Block" and have been using the guidelines. Any aid or comments greatly appreciated. Paul

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What you are doing is perfectly fine. It is very normal for your 22mos. old son to show an interest in the potty. He may be saying the potty words because he is wanting to explore his world. Keep it very positive even if he does not actually need to go. The more frequently you take him to the potty will increase his chance of actually going. To keep him interested ,you may want to let him have a little basket of toys (only for the potty) that he can look at and play with. Also, it is a good idea to run a little water in the sink while he sits on the potty. Reward him with a sticker or candy if he actually goes. It might not happen for awhile -so do not worry.

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Demonstrate to him how to go potty. Monkey see monkey do!
A 22 month old boy, standing on a stool is perfectly capable of sinking some bits of colored paper in the toilet.
How do you suppose he knows what he is supposed to be doing when you take him into the bathroom?
Linda C

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I agree with Lindac...Daddy may have to get down on his knees and show him. That's how my son figured out we weren't making a psssssssing sound when we peed, we were actually peeing!


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We kept a few books in the bathroom and read them to our daughter in order to keep her on the potty long enough to have a success. She loves books and when she peed we gave her lots of cheers. She got excited about it and clapped her hands. She quickly figured out what she was supposed to do on the potty. We also let her go to the bathroom with us once she developed that interest.
She eliminated pooping in her diapers quickly, but the peeing part was a little tougher. She didn't let us know when she had to go, so it was up to me to guess and keep taking her to the bathroom. However, before she turned two we were able to leave the house without diapers for short errands or her playgroup. She was a little afraid of the loud flush in public bathrooms, so we kept a potty in the back of the car. Now, at 34 months, she does really good. She goes to the bathroom herself and doesn't even wear diapers at night anymore.

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