30" W Refrigerator?

bonsFebruary 28, 2013

Anyone have a 30" wide refrigerator that they love? (in stainless)


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Sorry! should have posted to appliances!

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Circus Peanut

I adore my 30" Liebherr stainless fridge. Looooove it madly, even after 5 years the passion hasn't faded.

Here is a link that might be useful: 30 inch Liebherr bottom freezer

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Looks like a wonderful refrigerator, but way out of my budget. I need to stay under 2K. But thanks for responding!


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I don't know what your space dictates, or what styling you are after but this is a nice 30"


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Thanks. Yes - I should have added more info - but I was just hoping to hear from anyone who had a 30". Any 30" :-)

Ideally, it would be a bottom freezer - either FD or single door. Ideally, it would be not too deep - Maybe no more than 32'. There are several out there - I just need to decide and it's always helpful to hear personal experiences.


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OK, I do not love mine. It's a 30" Frigidaire, a small one, 18.6cuft? Freezer on top, so not what you want anyway. It was the only one that fit in the space we used to have. What I don't like about it is the plastic shelves in the door. They are meant for gallon jugs and 2 liter bottles, neither of which we use. We use the door for condiments. The opening under the part that holds the bottles in (do you know what I'm trying to describe, the horizontal part?) is too large, and bottles are always sliding through and falling out. Also, being cheap plastic and being overloaded by me, one of these things has broken in the middle and is now held together with clear packing tape. Also, stuff in the back or top of the fridge will sometimes freeze. On the plus side, the shelves and drawers come out easily for cleaning. You can do much better than this, though.

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I have the 32-whatever" version of this, which is 29-5/8" and runs just under $1500 before discounts and sales:

What I like about mine is the interior design. It is by far and away the best interior use of space I found in this size. We did look at french door models, but in widths less than 36", they just weren't very usable. Ginny20 makes some excellent points about interior design - it really makes a difference how you use interior space. This is ours on the day before Thanksgiving. The yellow bowl is the really large Tupperware bowl (dressing), and the brown bag above it is a 23 lb. turkey. Love the freezer on the bottom.

Here is a link that might be useful: This refrigerator

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Thanks Suzannes - that's one that I am considering. I haven't seen it in person yet but hope to this weekend.


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Be sure to take some stuff to put in to try out for size. We took a 1-gal water bottle and a Costco pizza box. We actually saw some that didn't have a meat drawer or the produce drawers were very small because the the back section was taken up by machinery. If you can't put the celery in the produce drawer, what good is the drawer?

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i have the amana 30" 19 cubic feet in stainless, looks just like pic above, single door freezer on bottom. love it! given i have a small kitchen (11x13) this was a good size. am single, could see a couple using it but too small for a family. door can be configured to swing either way and mine is in the corner with very little space needed to open door fully. for a small kichen this is a keeper.

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This is so timely. I was just over on the 4 drawer thread and caught a glimpse of Suzannesl's fridge. I wanted to ask her what it was. Then, I pop over here and viola!

I am thinking about 30" fridges after deciding perhaps the 24" Liebherr that is 80" tall is not practical, financially and otherwise. I'm dealing with short ceilings over here, to boot.

I have friends who were dying for the french door fridges (which do look so great on the outside) and are now hating it. They talk about having to deal with both doors when you are trying to get things in and out of the fridge while cooking, etc.

Suzannesl, does your freezer open like a drawer or is it a door?

I'm also going to look into yours, babushkacat.

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Elraes Miller

On the lower end, but love my 30". A Samsung with bottom freezer and is the depth of cabinets. Doors can be switched if wanted, has all the storage options needed. It really feels quite large, can't think of anything too large to fit. One of the things which is a plus, no handles. This allows it to take up even less room.

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Steph - it's a drawer:

It's remarkably roomy, and so much better than the upper door we had before!

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My aunt was just telling me that my niece is loving her 30" Samsung, technicolor. Do you know the model number, per chance?

suzannesl, thanks so much for the picture! I am kind of sold on the idea of a freezer drawer, so it's great to see this model has it and you find it roomy and functional. Do you have ice, or should I ask instead, how do you do ice? We are waffling on the whole ice maker thing. My partner is
saying the only way to do it is with a closed ice maker. I
just think they take up a lot of room...

Further complicating things, I want counter depth. Not to hijack the thread, which I am finding very useful.

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The freezer drawer had an icemaker in it, but we took it out - not a good use of space for us. We're also averse to running a water line to the refrigerator: 1) it's the thing most likely to have a problem and run water all over the floor, and 2) I'd rather have ice made with Sparkletts water - our local water tastes like it came from someone's pool. If we want ice, we use ice cube trays - so retro of us ;-)

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I don't mind having to open both doors of our FD - this is not always the case, though. Veggie and fruit bins can be opened with one door open, and if you can keep track of where you put things, it's no big deal.

I don't know how tall 30" ones can be, but here is a picture of the 30" Liebherr we used when renting one house. I'm 5'3" and can barely reach the top shelf. Something to think about. We could have rearranged to shelves to an extent, but the thing was still very tall.

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I have had an 18 cf, 30" top freezer kenmore for over 16 years, and it works fine. I was out looking for a dishwasher and also looked at some fridges while there (because I *want* a bottom freezer, stainless -- yet I can't really justify replacing the old one!)

Anyway, I saw a Kitchenaid that was essentially the same interior as the one I have (which I love, and looks very similar to suzannsl's) but bottom freezer. This particular one didn't have an icemaker which suits me fine. Oh, and it did have a full width "deli section" drawer which is different. I think that I would buy this if/when the old faithful needs replacement.

What I like about the interior --- easily adjustable, split, no-spill glass shelves that pull out--can configure in many ways and can be washed in the sink with ease. The door shelves are solid plastic bins that also are easily adjusted, arranged,or removed and washable. There is a covered section, and a section that can be just a flat shelf (how I use it) or the shelf lifts out and can drop in an egg holder.I

I think my only criticism of my Kenmore would be the veggie drawers are "stepped" in the rear so that I do have to be mindful of arranging the contents to have the celery on top--but a bag of carrots will easily fit in the bottom.

I would definitely avoid a bottom freezer door -- so awkward to get into the back! A drawer is the way to go!

There was another that was 20 cf but still a 30" wide, just a little taller (maybe 2-3 inches) and both the freezer and fridge compartments had more space as a result.

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OP here. This has all been very helpful! I'm going to pick out my appliances tomorrow, and I now feel a little more prepared to make a decision. Thanks all!


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Elraes Miller

Steph, link to my fridge. I tried to find the model, but it must be changed. This one is identical. Running a search I was surprised to find so many positive reviews. Also look at all pricing, they run anywhere from 1,000 to 1500. Hoping not to jinx me, but 7 years and going strong. Very quiet, rarely do I hear it running.

It has 2 drawers in the bottom freezer, 3 storage units in the top and glass shelves. This is not the bright stainless and like it better, hardly shows hand prints. I don't use the ice maker either, put frozen veggie packs there.

The measurements say 28 deep, but I think the rounded edges and no handles tend to form to the counters, making it look counter depth. They also show 30" at the top and 28 at the bottom. Must be including hinges.

The link is interesting as it is a photo of what must be new "Pearl" finish. I'd consider that if other appliances matched.

Here is a link that might be useful: Samsung

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