Have done good prep, now which exterior paint?

collins designAugust 7, 2011

Hi all,

I've painted several homes inside and out, so am not a newbie, but I'm having a hard time deciding which exterior paint to use. I'm between a Ben Moore and Sherwin Williams product.

Project: Coastal Maine. 55-year old house built of "brick-look" colored cinder block structural walls. Never painted before. Walls had some cracks and chipped mortar. The house was pressure washed twice, with long dry times. The cracks/chips were repaired with appropriate caulking.

Now, I'm normally a Ben Moore girl so I asked my store guys as well as calling the tech line, and they said their Fresh Start primer would be just fine. Meanwhile, I also spoke with a S-W rep and they recommended using their Loxon masonry primer. I decided to take BM's advice and got the Fresh Start Superior primer. it was a BEAR to apply: sank right in and required serious effort and multiple applications in each spot to get any sort of coverage. Very frustrating! So I ran out for a gallon of Loxon: wow! 100% easier. The Loxon fills the pores in the block buch better and is pastier, thicker so it makes a smoother surface.

So, now the house is primed in Loxon Masonry Primer. When the rain stops, I'll be ready for finish coats. What paint to use??????? I'm willing to spend extra for better longevity, ease of application (I'll be rolling with 3/4" nap due to mortar joints and block texture), mildew resistance (north side is shady) but mostly longevity. On masonry, is a more water-impervious paint better or not? I don't know, can you all advise?

Thank you!

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At this point wouldn't it be wise to use the Loxon finish coat? As I understand it, there is a heavy-bodied filler, and also a primer. If you used the filler, probably best to clarify if you need their primer under their finish.

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collins design

Hi Casey-
I think you're thinking of Loxon XP, which is a primer/finish combo. I didn't go that route. I took the advice of the local rep (who actually came out to see the house) who suggested the plain Loxon primer plus "any exterior house paint" for finish coats.

So I'm trying to choose the paint:)

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

BM Aura if they have $ to spend, otherwise SW Resiliense

Here is a link that might be useful: paint

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Any premium paint should be fine on stucco as it holds paint much better than most other substrates. Be mindful that Loxon needs to be top coated within 2 weeks.

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collins design

Thanks... the Loxon's only been on since this week and I'll be top-coating tomorrow if I can make a choice on the paint!

I read some bad reviews of SW Resilience on line, so I guess I'm now choosing between BM Aura and BM Regal Select... It's a $200 difference. Client will pay the difference but it's my reputation and I'll need to convince them its worth it. They're both mixed on the Gennix system, but I guess the Aura has a better technology in the base that makes it stand up to repeated power washings, etc better. Which sounds good if its true... but is it worth it?

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