No VOC paint drying out in can

graywings123August 16, 2012

I was talking to my local Ben Moore dealer and mentioned that my nephew's half-filled gallon can of Ben Moore Natura had dried out while other regular cans of paint sitting next to it were fine. The dealer said that this occurs with no-VOC paints, and they have had cans dry out on their shelves. They only special order Natura now for that reason.

I tend to go back to a can of paint months or years later to use elsewhere in the house. If no-VOC is the wave of the future, is this what we have to look forward to?

I did a quick google search and didn't see any mention of this problem.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

No one is forced to buy no voc paint. It is mostly hype anyway, as far as I am concerned. The air you breath( in a city) is much more harmful than drying latex paint.

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The no-VOC colorants also contribute SLIGHTLY to this issue...

BUT, the main issue is the resins that are available now in NO-VOC form, just set up very quickly. Sort of a "consequence" of being "Green"!!

Seriously though, even the Latex paints of just 10yrs. ago used much slower-"setting" solvents that of course gave paint a longer working-time. They were only moderately higher in VOC's....

There's kind of a funny saying that pops into my head on this issue...
"No good deed goes unpunished...!"


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That�s the main feature of no-VOC paint. They dry out so fast. & not prepared to store. It can be recycled but cannot be used again. So buy exact quantity which you required. That�s the only solution I can think off.

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Well, I sort of hate being a painter now because of these fast drying problems. You need to strain the paint so often because chunks of crap form quicker, you need to wash your brushes more often because of the little chunks of crap that form near the ferrule, painting outside is a real pain because the paint skins up so quickly and you can pretty much forget about keeping a wet edge with a ceiling paint unless you are fully primed. It is really almost impossible to paint a good sized wall without getting lap lines because the paint you just applied is already too dry before you can get your roller loaded again. The list really goes on and on. This is not really just low VOC's all acrylic paints and if the colorants are arcylic too, well then....

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