Sesame Place

michie1April 27, 2003

Has anyone taken then 2 yr old to Sesame Place. I was wondering if there are enough activities there for a toddler to do?


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Not yet. But I plan on taking our 2 year old this summer. It seems like the only theme park on the east coast that does have enough activities for a toddler. Kings Dominion and 6 Flags have kiddie sections, but the rides are mostly for 4 years and up, and it's just not worth the cost of admission. If the website is anything to go by, Sesame Place just like Sesame Street is including many toddler activities alongside it's traditional preschooler activities. You can go to the website and review it one ride at a time to determine it's value to you. I haven't logged onto this site in quite some time and was really pleasantly surprised to find a question about something that I had just researched! Tell us about it if you decide to go. It'll probably be July before we get there.

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Sesame Place is wonderful for little tots. It's been a long time since I was there, but I know lots of parents who've been there recently. It's really geared for little ones.

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I have been to Sesame Place a few times and yes, under ideal circumstances there are lots of things to do that young kids enjoy. That being said, there are several negatives to consider also:

1. Bus Tours. If you want your child to be able to enjoy many of the activities, be sure to get there when they open in the morning, the buses arrive aroud 11:00 AM and everything is overrun with older kids who are only marginally supervised.

2. Expense. If $ are at all a concern, pack your own snack and lunch. Like most parks it is very expensive to buy food there. Also, tickets are quite expensive if the child is only good for a couple of hours.

3. Weather. Remember a portion of Sesame Place is water games/slides/etc. If it isn't sunny and warm your child may not be able to take advantage of the entire facility.



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