Fever & Rash from MMR Vaccine?

Karla_NEMarch 6, 2002

DD had her 15 month checkup last week and got her MMR vaccine at the time. The pediatrician warned that there was a slim chance that within a week she could develop a fever and a rash. Well, today 5 days later she did. The weird thing is that the rash only lasted several hours, but it looked exactly as the doctor described. Her fever was at 101 for a while, but then quickly dropped to 99. She is in bed for the night now, so I will have to see in the morning if she still has a fever and if the rash has re-appeared. I am curious if your kids had reactions from it, or is my DD the statistic that makes doctors mention the possibility of it?? ;-)

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My DD (now 4) did not have a reaction from any of her immunizations.

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Neither of my children have had reactions to their vaccines. However, my Dr has always said if the fever does last more than a day to call them and let them know about it. I would call them and see what they say.

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My ds didn't have a reaction, but my cousin's little girl did. She also caught chicken pox from the chicken pox vaccine.

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We also had a problem with the Chicken Pox Vaccine. DS developed a few spots but that was about it. He wasn't feverish or really itchy and I contacted the doctor to be sure he didn't have it and what precautions we should take. The nurse said it was just a reaction to his body fighting the virus and that he didn't actually have it and not to worry.

As long as things are exactly as the doctor said, things should be fine. You can always call the ped. or take her in for a visit to ease your worries.

Good luck.


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Thanks for your posts. DD was up this morning with her fever back up to 101.9. It has been up and down all day, but the rash is gone. Her pediatrician told us at the time she had her shots that the fever and/or rash could last 24 to 48 hours.

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It's also very possible that your daughter developed the rash but has a bug that is going around. She could have picked that up just by going to the doctors.

Hope she's better.


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We ended up taking DD to the doctor on Saturday because she still had a fever. At one point it was up to 103.8. It turns out in rare cases the reaction can last that long. Her fever was finally gone this morning. ;-)

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Everything I keep reading from medical sources keeps telling me that the chances of a reaction are very unlikely, but I think that's a crock! My son had his vaccinations just over 2 weeks ago and has had a fever for 3 days, followed by a rash on his entire body. He is ALWAYS a happy baby, almost never fussy and now he is the opposite. Every little things is making him whine and cry and now I am feeling like getting him vaccinated was a mistake. I just wanted my happy healthy boy back to normal.

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Bensen2011, a severe reaction is very unlikely. a MILD reaction, meaning fever and a rash, is not unusual. It is far, far less severe than getting the disease itself, and although it is hard to see our little ones have any kind of discomfort, the discomfort of a vaccine is vastly preferable, IMO, than them getting a severe illness.

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