painting a hutch

raforAugust 16, 2010

Hello All! I want to take an old dark pine hutch and lighten it up. What I would really like to do is paint it ala MacKenzie Childs. I'm not sure what kind of paint to use and then if I would need to put some sort of protective finish on it. I'm not really crazy about something with a lot of sheen. This piece will be going in the large center hallway of a 1780 colonial to lighten up the place. I'm also thinking of adding some interesting paper to some of the drawer fronts or door fronts. I've never moge poged (sp!) anything. Would love to hear some feedback from some experienced people. Thanks!

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You will probably get more responses to this type of question on the Home Decorating forum.

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OOHH! Modge Podge! Thats' a craft glue for doing decoupage. Whew.
Anyway, to paint a hutch you will need to clean the surface, prime and paint with a good quality latex, like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc.
The MacKenzie Childs look is great, and you really can't mess that up. But since you will be using multple colors, choose your basecoat and then you can use artist's acrylics, either in the tubes, or the little bottles.
As for a finish coat, you can get satin poly, which is not shiny. The wipe-on is a great solution, too.
You may want to go to your local craft store (i.e. Michael's) for some inspiration and check out all the different techniques; crackle, Modge Podge, gold leaf, etc.
And, like graywings said, post this over in the decorating forum, and maybe include a pic of the hutch. Good luck!!

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I wouldn't use latex. I think oil-based looks much better on wood. I'm also a big fan of milk-paint, but that's not going to give you the look you want.
MacK-C works best if the painting is meticulous. All those chequerboards have to be perfect. Too much work for me.

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