Natural Linen 966 BM Paint Color

nangaAugust 14, 2014

Has anyone here used this paint? I have a backsplash with pinkish undertone and a quartz countertop that has warmer golden, creamy white, taupe and black in it. 've tried Monroe bisque, shaker beige and 50% bittersweet stem which didn't work. Paint in my house all seems to take on darker tones. I saw natural linen on the color strip and it looks like it could work, but online some rooms appear pretty yellow. Wondering what your experience has been? Getting desperate. Thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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sorry i can't help but only say that the "color experts" at the BM store are quite good at seeing color and their under tones. then try a sample on your walls in your lighting conditions. In my experience when I had tiles with a pink undertone the BM store recommended pashmina af 100 which reduced the pink tones in the beige tiles. I think the BM staff said to pick paints that didn't have red under tones to avoid bringing out the pink in the beige tiles. They recommended pashmina at that time and i ended up really liking that color. hth

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Thanks snowbean! I have an affinity sample card and Pashima is beautiful against my quartz, harder to tell against the tile. I tried accessible beige (which to my inexperienced eyes looks to be a similar, but lighter tone than Pashima) based on input from the associate. Looked like a possibility against my wall, quartz and sofa fabric in the showroom, but turned into a cold light gray and looked awful in my house. I had tried BM Sag Harbor Gray based on a designer' s suggestion during a visit to my house (she noted that my house was a challenge) and although I liked the color, it was not attractive against my quartz or the tile,- I didn't even mention the adjoining living room that we need to coordinate and Between the 2 rooms we have a mix of minimal light and bright fluorescent lighting (sun tunnels) in both rooms. Almost all of the colors turn very dark on my walls and interestingly on one wall the almost all the samples look the very similar. Both rooms are large with vaulted ceilings, but I don't want to go too dark.

I'm sampling Stone House at 50% tint and it appears to work (I don't know that I'm in love with it, but I don't hate it on the wall (and that's a good start), Forgot to note that I have bright white cabinets and a golden color oak hardwood floor. I also tried Shaker beige at 50% (100% was way too dark) and it's also ok, but the stone house feels a little warmer.

Appreciate you sharing. I'm going to stare at the Pashima a bit today in different rooms and lighting (it's been growing on me as I'm writing this) and may pick up a sample (50% to start of course), I wanted to post pictures, but everything I took was not even close in the picture to what it really looks like, especially my tile which was showing very golden and greyish.

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