painter painted cabinet I didn't want painted! HELP!

jossfanAugust 12, 2010

I'm trying to find out if I can safely remove the oil-based paint from the sides of my new Fieldstone Ivory Cream factory-finished cabinets! (just painted by mistake yesterday). Is there any way i can manage this without damaging the finish?

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Lori A. Sawaya

Well that's a pisser. :(

Instead of removing the paint that was applied by mistake, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to contact Fieldstone and buy a quart or gallon of their Ivory Cream and paint over the mistake?

It won't be 'factory-finished' and you will always know that it is not factory-finished, you will always be able to tell the difference. But. It's very, very probable that no one else will ever see, or notice that difference and will be none the wiser about this mishap.

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I would think it would be very difficult to remove the oil based paint without also removing some of the factory finish.

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Bummer. You must feel terrible.

I agree with funcolors that repainting is your best option, and also with paintguy that restripping would remove some of the original finish. You might also ask Fieldstone if it would be possible to purchase just the side panels, although that would undoubtedly be expensive. Still, it might be worth it if it gave you a better result.

I've stripped quite a few pieces of furniture as well as some woodwork, and no matter what product I've used, it was always a messy, unpleasant job, especially stripping the woodwork because it had to be done in place. While some strippers will remove latex paint and leave the underlying oil paint fairly intact, I don't think any stripper could remove oil paint without disturbing the layers underneath it. Oil paint is harder to remove than latex and requires a stronger product.

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