where to buy b'day dress for girls

lnprasumiMarch 31, 2006

Hi all!

My daughter's first birthday is coming up in May. Do you have any suggestions as to where I should get her the birthday dress? silk, satin embroidered dresses.

Please help!

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The high end, small, baby stores sell them, for a lot of money. Target, Penney's and your local department stores should have some very nice ones too. Enjoy

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And places like Marshalls or TJ Maxx and Steinmart have some wonderful designer clothes for less.
I don't know where in Michigan you live....but if you don't have nice stores near....I am sure you can find wonderful baby clothes on the web too.
Linda C

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Don't forget the boys too.
I have a vivid and wonderful memory, from my early childhood, of being dressed up by my mother for a special family function. I was primped, poked, combed and made up. It was glorious to have all the attention and the white dress was soft and silky. I was on my best behavior and everyone said I was beautiful. From then on I looked at myself a little differently and felt closer to my mother.

I imagine most girls have had this experience. When do little boys get to have anything similar? I guess the closest thing would be winning at sports. My younger sister and I dressed up our little brother in frilly stuff for years (mainly in the winter when the snow was too deep). The three of us are grown and married now and still very close to each other. Was it that early play that helped us bond?

When my son was well advanced into the terrible twos, I spent a lot of time thinking about the above questions. My daughter was born when he was two. We had prepared him for it. But eight months later he was defiant and demanding, This is my son I'm thinking about -- from a mothers prospective -- not a little girl playing with her brother. Although my parents did know about us dressing up my brother. Actually they took their "three girls" out to Mc Donalds or the movies every once and a while. Any way I started researching what happens to little boys that have worn girls' clothes. The answer is not much. If kids grow up to be gay, it has nothing to do with what clothes they have had on. We wear guy's clothes all the time. Also some men (adult cross-dressers) have said that when they were kids and wanted to experiment, they were not allowed to. So it became a really big deal for them. They started sneaking, and felt guilty.

So I paid a visit to my local thrift shop and found a wonderful little flower girl slip and dress for cheap, some ruffled nylon panties from a square dance shop, a pair of black shoes and white tights from a neighbor. Then on his third birthday we had his special dress up day. His father, my mother and few neighbor moms and children came over for the party. Everyone made a fuss over him and he had ball. Heck he was the bell of the ball.

He is six now, the defiance and other problems diminished and then disappeared about two months after that first party. There have been several more since, all in dresses at his request. Robbys' little sister is getting his hand-me -downs. That wonderful little flower girl dress has been very busy. Many of the mothers of Robbys' friends have asked to borrow it for their son's parties (the boys want their turn).

Robby is well adjusted and happy. He is devoted to his baby sister and looks out for her. He plays well with others. He enjoys both boy and girl activities. He is looking forward to first grade . At school he knows that he needs to be in boy clothes. But I will be happy to help the next time he wants to play dress-up.

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