Painting Teen Boy's Room Red

colorfastAugust 6, 2010

Hi, I am painting my teen son's room the first time since he was 4. Have done two coats of white blocking primer (Miller).

To give you an idea of his room, it's about 10x12 and he has some pine furniture not unlike one of the bedrooms featured on Benjamin Moore's site, called "Study Zone" with light pine furniture. (not sure if urls are allowed here). His room has a large window w/morning light.

He has settled on red, and we are down to some finalists. I would like anyone's opinion on these particular colors and also the brands. I have always done Miller (here in the NW, it's all a lot of us use) and I just have little experience with other paints. But we did not find a red Miller (or Devine) that quite worked.

So here are the finalists:

Top choice Ralph Lauren Hunting Red TH43

Second Choice: RL Chimoyo Red TH46

Third choice: Confederate Red from Benjamin Moore

We have the paint chips from RL. Have seen mixed reviews on this paint, but figure Miller would not sell it if it were not okay and had great luck with the Devine line they sell. Have read not to ask to put the reds into a different base than the company that sells it. Is this correct? Also, let me know any tips on painting reds and if RL is a bad idea.


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

For me, RL is always a bad idea,I would go with BM. Prime the walls grey first!

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Thanks for your thoughts. He is being a teen and insisting on his first choice. I have talked to the guys at Miller and they are confident they can put the RL color into the Devine base and that is what I think I'll do. They have already formulated it for other customers so I am not the first to ask.

I bought the grey primer--I was thrilled to do more primer, but the guys at Miller were right with you on that too.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Teens will be like that, good luck, the grey primer will save you a couple of finish coats but you will still need 2

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DEFINTITE on the gray primer...just make sure it's fairly dark. A light gray isn't any better than white.

The RL paint-
We go through a LOT of it. It's actually one of ICI's (now Akzo-Nobel) premium paints.
* One of the higher "Percent volume solids" paints out there, and it's been Low-VOC for years now.
* From a technical standpoint, it's a better paint than ACE-Royal.
* I actually prefer the RL over ACE!
* Cross-tinting into another Neutral base...they may know the "secret" too. Often works, but not every time....

You picked out some nice RL Reds there!
I hope you're using at least an Eggshell sheen!!!!

>>> 2 FULL coats of Red, about 4-5 hours apart.
Full cure for a deep color like that = 4-6 WEEKS, because of the heavy colorant-load.


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Are you sure about red?
Red is shown to increase appetite and possibly anger.
Do you really want to do that in a teenage boy? LOL
Of course you will definitely have increased anger if you tell him he can't have a red room.
I'm sure it will be fine. Good luck! :)

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LOL I was thinking the same exact thing art teacher mom!!

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One of my Son's walls is RL Hunting red in eggshell. It's a nice rich red, that reads red at all times of day and doesn't look orange or plum. 4 Walls of it might be strong in a 10x12 room (my son's size as well). I think I used RL Crab apple on the other walls and that seems a bit too barn owl on the wall. You might see if he'd be interested in mixing with another dark color like crested butte or orion grey.

In terms of coverage, it was 2+ coats, but does look good and has held it's color over 4 years.

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"LOL I was thinking the same exact thing art teacher mom!!"

So was I. Don't teenage boys eat enough already?

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Thank you all for your posts. The grey was pretty dark. It actually looked good after one coat of red but we did a second one two days later. I can definitely tell what you mean about the curing time. It doesn't pull up but you can feel that it's still a little tacky. I was verrry careful cutting the tape off.

The color looks gorgeous with the blinds open. In the evening, it looks warm and cozy with the lights on. It's pretty dark with the lights off though! We are going to put the furniture in tomorrow but will not put it up against any walls.

I did all of the cutting and he did the rolling. It went pretty well. One thing that surprised me was that if anything he wouldn't put enough paint on the roller, whereas when I was young I always got too much.

Thanks again!

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I just used red in several areas of my home. For a boys room I would paint the window wall and one other wall only. I would then paint the remaining two another complimentary tone in beige/white. I used BM spanish red in my laundry room. With all four walls the same color, I knew it would appear alot "more" red than I thought it would be, which is why I chose a much softer red than what I would typically chose from a paper sample of the color. Be careful with really "bright" purple, blue, or orange reds as when they have the same color bouncing off all walls, it can get quite "loud" to say the least. The spanish red for me had more of a beigy, brown, terra cotta feel to it on the sample paper. When all four wall were done however, it was a beautiful red that was not too bright of a red - like a fire engine or a wagon red might be. In my kitchen, I have very minimal wall space to cover so I chose BM pomegranite. It is also a great red however if I had to cover a large area, again, I would limit it's use as an accent color rather than a color to surround the room in. Hope this was helpful and good luck. It can be so frustrating as I went through many samples before finally chosing paint for my entire house. Just remember, it's only paint!

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