Painting dark stained oak without grain showing through

bigdogloverAugust 10, 2008

I'm new on this forum. I've searched and think I understand how to prepare and paint over stained and varnished stair rail etc., thanks to everyone who shared info.

However, I do not want any of oak grain to show through the paint. I want it to look smooth. I'm not sure how to accomplish this -- whether the primer recommended will cover it. Or will I have to use some kind of wood filler and delicately cover the surface? If so, what, and how?

Stair rail and newel posts are currently dark stained oak with fairly high gloss finish. There are turned pieces and "cannonballs" to deal with. Balusters are black wrought iron, which I'm going to change to wood. It will all be painted offwhite.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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Sanding sealer or enamel undercoater. Several coats of either, sanded a lot between coats. You want to fill all of the oak pores and level the surface. This is harder on previously-finished oak, because it's more difficult to get a filler to adhere when there's already a finish there. On new oak it's easier- you use a pore filler made for this purpose, and it sticks in the pores nicely.
Grit- 180 or 220 should work.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

If you choose the sanding sealer method, be sure to avoid any urethane based acrylic paints like Cabinet Coat, etc. Or, choose a Zinsser sanding sealer that is compatible with urethane topcoats.


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Can you restain it instead -- hate to see nice oak covered with paint.

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I don't think you are going to fill grain with sanding sealer or any kind of primer. You need to use a filler or I believe that Fine Paints of Europe makes a brushing putty that is made for filling grain.

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Thank you, paint experts, I truly appreciate this.

Terrible to say, allison, but I dislike oak as trim (floors are different) and want to cover it up. Go figure, it's just my taste.

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