Good night, once and for all...

proserpinaMarch 8, 2007

This is an issue that seemed to come up more when the children were a bit younger, but it's something that worked wonders, especially when Dad was out of town and they just wanted to stay up with me!

So, after they all brushed their teeth, got their waters, and were in bed.... inevitably, the chatter would begin. Well, I invented a game that among competitive little boys seemed to work very well. Hopefully, it will with your children too!

"If you stay very quiet and with your eyes closed for 10 solid minutes, you can come and stay up with me... but if you open your eyes or say even half a word, the clock goes back to zero for all three of you"

Surely enough, there would first be some chatter or some peaking at the clock (I had to monitor for the first minute or so, but then they started telling one another to stay quiet). But after 5 minutes of lying perfectly still and quiet, they eventually would fall asleep! Never had anyone gotten up after those golden 10 minutes.

As much as life is filled with new precious moments now, I miss those days, so I just wanted to share a trick that would work with the children EVERY time!

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My MIL would defuse a squabble between 2 children by having them sit in opposing chairs and stare into each other's eyes "until the timer goes off" looking down...just stare at each other. It always started out with angry glaring and ended with giggles and hugs.
Linda C

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