Kitchenaid vs. jenn air

horseyonzFebruary 15, 2013

Complete remodel with new kitchen...can find exactly what I want in both Kitchenaid and Jenn Air lines. Understand that both are now owned by Whirlpool. Currently have a Kitchenaid kitchen and really like it. Have also had a Jenn Air cooktop in a previous home and really liked it too. Comments appreciated.

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i had a terrible time with the electronics on both brands. Buy from Sears and get a maintenance agreement.


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Can you be more specific about your issues? I just placed an order w/ Sears for a new KA range, refrigerator & microwave. Husband & I discussed not going w/ the maintenance plan. I have until tomorrow to make a decision.

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We've had KA refrigerators (2) and dishwashers (4; we have 2 DWs in our kitchen) over the past 20+ years. They've all performed well for us. The first frig worked well for over 15 years, had maybe one service call on it? Then it had to be replaced, and the second one is going strong for almost 15 years and is being replaced only because the color doesn't match our remodel. Current DWs are probably 10 years old and also being replaced to match the remodel. (Sounds wasteful, but all working appliances were donated to Habitat for Humanity.) So we've had good luck with KA, although they say that current models don't last as long as older ones--YMMV. I would never get a maintenance plan for a microwave, as they can be replaced easily for minimal cost.

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Sear's maintenance plan is the most expensive one out there, and you have to use their service people (A&E) and at least here, they are terrible. Unless you can get a really good deal on a package plan, I'd just put some money aside for service if and when you need it with the service provider of your choice.

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horseyonz, I'm curious to know what appliances you decided to get and whether you've been happy or not. I too am deciding between the Kitchen Aid and Jenn Air.

I like the looks of the JA over the KA. The salesperson told me the refrigerator cabinets are exactly the same between the 2 brands (just the door handles and dispensers are different).

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My KitchenAid dishwasher is now over 3.5 years of age and has no problems at all so far. I love both the KitchenAid and Jenn Air appliance lines. I did buy the 5 year mainteance agreement from PCRichard & Sons but now wish I did not.

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Holly- Kay

I bought all jenn air appliances for my kitchen Reno I sure hope I have good luck with them

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