Looking for advice/feedback on Solid Color Stains

compumomAugust 29, 2010

Please share any experience with this type of product-- positive or negative. We're rebuilding our patio and the contractor mentioned that we might want to use SCS instead of paint.This is a product which we are completely unfamiliar with. The patio covering will be fully exposed outdoors with crossed member timbers forming the "roof". We're located in Southern California and due to environmental laws we're unable to use oil based paints that are more durable. Any other suggestions for a lasting painted finish are welcome!

Thanks in advance!


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With or without environmental laws, oil based paint is not the best choice for exterior paint anyway. The main reason you would want to use a solid color stain is that it will not peel like a paint does. Pergolas and roofs are tough though because they get blasted by the sun and rain/snow. Horizontal surfaces are going to require some maintenance every few years. If the wood is not primed already, use some slow drying high quality exterior oil based primer. Good primer is really the key to a long lasting paint/stain job.

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