Activity ideas needed for 20 mo. old

mgorton45March 19, 2002


My mother suggested this site to me and so i hope that some of you might have time to help me and my DDs.

I have a 20 mo old, plus 6wk old. I am needing activity ideas for my older DD, who goes to a great day-care one morning a wk. The rest of the wk is fairly boring for her. We do puzzles, read, watch Elmo, play with toys, but she is very restless, and my baby takes a great deal of my attention, so I feel bad because I can't play with her, like I did when she was my only child.

I get depressed often for her sake. Can any of you help me?

Thank you for listening. Melissa

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Your older daughters main problem may just be that you have to spend so much time with your newborn and can't spend it with her like you did. She may just have to get used to the big changes that occured in her life recently.

Has your daughter been able to entertain herself or she one of the types of kids that needs someone to play with? I guess I've been lucky with DS because he pretty much has always been able to entertain himself even if I was busy. He's now almost 3 and he always is playing some type of pretend game or watching some thing on TV or a movie or plays computer games. He also likes to color and paint when I'm doing crafts. Could the answer to your problems be to include her more in what you are doing with the baby or around the house? Like ask her to help or just allow her to help. Sometimes DS will get a chair and help me prepare dinner. All he may want to do is stir and yes he may make a little mess but he's so proud and happy to help that we don't care. Your 20 month old is approaching 2 and then it gets pretty fun because they start communicating more and are able to ask and tell you what they want. It's also pretty hilarious to hear some of the things they come up with. This is the time to teach them things. They love to learn, even if it's just by giving them a cloth and having her help you dust, you could make her day tons of fun. Also as it gets nicer you'll be able to take your daughters outside. You can go for walks and go to the park or whatever in your area. Even just playing in your own yard can be tons of fun for little ones.

Good luck. Things will get easier as your little ones get older. Once your baby doesn't need you so much, you will have more time for the older one and things like that. Newborns are stressful themselves without having other younger children to deal with. I guess that's why I've held off this long to get the second one. I still can't wait some days and other days I'm so glad I did! LOL


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Leslie, thank you very much for your answer. So far, Bailey---oldest, does play by herself a good bit of the time, and you're right, when Erin--baby, gets older it will be fun for both of them, and me too. Bailey is a great help with Erin, as far as bringing things to her...diapers, rrattles, etc.

How old was your son when he began with the computer? Bailey is probably too young right now, but I've been considering it. What programs did he begin with?


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The one thing we did when I had my DS was buy a pretty functional doll for my DD. When my baby needed a diaper change then hers did, when mine ate hers did etc. We took walks together with our strollers with our babies. Those things seemed to keep her busy when I needed to do things for my DS.

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My granddaughter 2 yr. old granddaughter has been watching Disney sing along videos since she was 16 months old and you can read to her when your baby is napping or sing to her.

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Well, we bought the computer last winter and DS was almost 2. I bought him a Disney game that is called My Disney Kitchen and you can cook about anything in it and Mickey and Minnie come over for dinner. He really didn't start playing it until this fall or maybe late summer. The best part about that game was that there weren't specific rules for him to follow and he could just make messes and clean up and get the idea of using the mouse and things. Then my brother bought him a Mickey Preschool game for Christmas and we've picked up some demos in cereal boxes and also found a pack of 4 games for $20 that help with preschool skills. The right time will all depend on the child. Some of the games are fun for them to just watch and the parents can click on things for them until they get the gist. But they're skills do seem to develop quickly and you have to watch what they are doing. Also be sure you have your system restore enabled just in case they would click on something and suddenly your computer isn't working right.


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Here's a site with free software- all you pay for is the shipping. My DS loves 'Reader Rabbits Toddler'. I love it because he's still too young to know how to click the mouse but with this software, all he needs to know how to do is move the mouse. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: software

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My little boy began playing on the computer at about 18 months. Now he knows how to turn it on/off, pick out the cd he wants, put it in, and get the game going. He rarely needs help. (he's almost three)

Jump Start and Reader Rabbit both have good software programs. Go for the cheapy/free for shipping ones. They are usually cheaper because they are old versions and of course, your child won't know the difference. There is one that you don't have to have to push the mouse buttons, just move the mouse around. That is a good one.

There are tons of non tv/non computer projects you can do with your kiddo. I cook with mine. We have been cooking together since he was about 18-20 months. He loves to help. As long as you don't mind the mess. Now my 15 month old is helping us when we cook.

He helps me clean house as well.

We try to tie activities into books. So we might read Little Bear's Popcorn book. And then, you got it, we pop popcorn (not microwave, that isn't as fun). There is a good book based on this idea called Five in A Row.

I bought a bunch of flashcards for the alphabet too. We started by just looking at the pictures and talking about them. I taped them up on his wall too. Then we played match with them- matched two alike ones (obviously I had to decks the same). Now we are playing 'I spy'. We put all the cards out on the floor and I say 'I spy a A, put your elbow on it...' or 'I spy an octopus, put your head on it'.

I can give you more ideas if you want them...

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Our daughter loved (and still does at 3!) a kitchen we bought for her from Toys R Us that had a ton of things that boiled, pots with cooking sounds, telephone, oven, sink. We put it right in the livingroom and it was the best babysitter we could have ever asked for!!! We could see her if we were in the kitchen or llivingroom. She would play for hours with dishes and food and give her a little table or make a small one out of a little stool with a towel for a tablecloth. She wasn't even tall enough to reach the microwave at first. She also liked to play in a tub of soapy water on the deck with little dishes. Also loved a little minature cleaning set we bought at Toys R Us that had a cart with small bucket, cloth, feather duster, dust pan, mop and vaccum. She soon was into dress up too!!!

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