good green BM paint color for kid's bedroom

remodel-mamaAugust 17, 2010

Hi all,

Has anyone out there had a good experience with a BM green paint color? I am trying to pick a green for my child's room - I have not had good luck picking greens in the past and am hoping someone out there can help.

The ceilings are 9' high and there will be a picture rail at about 8' and white/off-white ceiling color above. I am considering the following greens and wondered if anyone out there had used these:

Pale Sea Mist (2147-50)

Rainforect Dew (2146-50)

Nantucket Breeze (521)


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I haven't used these but I have seen/read about two of them. A designer in "House Beautiful" said she thought Rainforest Dew was the most underrated color. It has a glow to it. Nantucket Breeze was a recent Pottery Barn selection and I'm sure you can find the google image of their office painted in that color. It looked nice. Potpourri green might be a nice choice for a child's room. That is a fall/winter Pottery Barn kids selection. It's a clear, bright green. You probably know this but the most important thing is to sample the colors in your light. Differences in lighting make all the difference in how paint looks. Many people rave about Camoflauge but in my lighting it looked like mud. Good luck!

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mom270: Thanks so much for your feedback. I will definitely check out Potpourri!

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