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remodel-mamaAugust 16, 2010

Hi all,

We are remodeling a 1912 Edwardian house and I am having a really hard time with interior paint colors. I would love to hear some of your favorite BM colors. I am planning to use some colors from BM's Historical Collection, but am definitely not locking myself into to only those colors...

I am looking for suggestions for the:

-living room

-family room

-child's bedroom (my child wants green and I am terrified of painting anything green based on past experience)

-ceiling color (planning to keep it simple and use some shade of white/off-white/cream)

-trim (thinking of using Marscapone??)

We have tall (approx. 5.5') wainscoting in the entrance way and dining room; as well as built-in cabinets in the dining room.

Here's a pic of te dining room:

The guy at the BM store is really getting tired of me stopping by... so, I really need to finalize my choices soon! Thanks for any favorite colors you can share!

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There is a list of faves on their site. It would be hard to suggest paint colors for you without knowing more about your tastes or what you are trying to accomplish.

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Without knowing if you're a "bold" or more "neutral" kind of gal - I'll go ahead and tell you mine!
BTW, you can search on flickr for images of these and most come up with real rooms people have done.

Living - Shaker Beige, Shelburne Buff, Lenox Tan
Dining - I think your dining room would look FABULOUS in a color like Warm Sienna. It would go great with those floors!
A safer, but still beautiful choice for the dining room would be a golden color like Concord Ivory.
child's bedroom - if it's a boy I'd go with a more muted green like Baby Turtle, for a girl a more spring green like Apple Blossom. Georgian Green is also very safe for either.

Here is a link to supposedly the best selling colors

Here is a link that might be useful: Top Selling Paint Colors

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Thanks art_teacher_mom! I don't know if I am bold or neutral -- I like a lot of things, and that is why I am having a hard time finalizing the paint colors!

I was very happy to hear that you thought of Warm Sienna for the dining room... I have considered that color... but the latest contender is "Salsa Dancing" - it's more burnt sienna/rust color. I tried it on the walls and it looks really good in the space.

And funny you should mentioned Concord Ivory... we are thinking of using that in the living room. Although, I would prefer one of the ones you suggested, I just can't get DH to sign off on a tan/beige/buff color for the living room.

I will check out Turtle Green for my son's room...

Thanks again!

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I have floors the same color as your dining room. Vellum, a very soft yellow (but not lemon-y)looks beautiful with the floors and I think it would make your dining room seem infused with sunlight.

I have Deer Path in my dining room b/c it is a better contrast against my painted furniture. Deer Path is a warm neutral, bronze undertones.

Other BM favorites (that also work well with your floors):

Blue - Santorini Blue, Brittany Blue, and Gray Wisp (Gray Wisp is same as Restoration Hardware Silver Sage). I also really like Newburyport Blue or Van deussen blue if you are willing to go with a dark color (navy).

Green - Soft Fern and Spa (I just painted my guest bathroom Spa (*LOVE IT*). I have maple cabinets, white & grey floors, and white counter tops - the Spa paint is exactly what I wanted. Very neutral green, not too blue or too yellow, very soft but not pastel. Toned with some grey, really easy to live with.

Off white - Woodmont cream, Mascarpone, Linen white, and Elephant Tusk.

If you like red, the best red I've seen is Farrow & Ball Picture Gallery Red. I have a small accent wall in this color and love it. It is a very earthy red, strong color but doesn't dominate like some of the bolder reds do.

Hope that helps!

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thanks Kimbers. I had picked out Spa too... need to take a second look at that one as well as Soft Fern. I also like Vellum! There are just too many good colors to choose from.

Have you ever seen/used Soleil? I didn't buy a sample yet, but it looks like a nice (warm) yellow.

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I love Waterbury Cream HC 31 in my living & dining room, ceilings are all linen white and trim is white 01. All BM colors. I have 2 boys & each of their rooms were painted soft fern prior to us moving in and I didn't want to change the colors. I accented in nautical blue in one room and an ocean blue/light denim in the other boys room. Looks very neat and the boys love it. I got the idea from pottery barn kids magazine a few years ago while trying to decide how to use the soft fern color. I have brunswick beige in my family room and it is a great color, very warm and cozy with the ceramic tile on the floor.

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I dearly love the soft, 'ancient-building' deep white called "Deep In Thought." I've slapped this on a hallway and samples in other rooms with other splotches of whites and off-whites and the others are all just too bright or they turn. Planning to do the whole house in it.

I've tried Mascarpone as a trim and I somewhat like it but there is something I'm not 100% happy about with it. Like it's throwing an invisible ray of tutti-frutti pink or something.

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steppinhstone_garden: Thanks for the suggestions. I erally like Waterbury Cream. Would love to see you boys rooms, if you have a photo...

cinnamonsworld: I know what you mean about Macarpone. I may need to keep looking. We have a lot of trim/wainscoting - so I want to make sure I pick a color that I like (or at least can live with for a long time ;)

thanks again for your suggestions.

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Let me know what trim white you settle on ... I need to find one still. Lots of people like Cloud White. There is also a white in the Home Depot Fresh Aire line that I like... it is adjacent to the gray-white that is called True North. (Easy to see, not many whites in the lune. But I don' t recall the name.)

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White Dove OC-17 for trim. Also works well on ceilings if you don't want a stark white color. The thing I like about it is that it looks good against both warm and cool colors.

An alternative to the creamy yellows in the historical pallette is America's Heartland 197. A little less strong.

I like Crisp Khaki 234 for a good tan color that looks good against most other shades.

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