Funny Potty Training Stories?

nadastimerMarch 7, 2002

Since things are so slow I guess I'll try to get something going.

Well, this is the longest DS has actually stuck with potty training and it's been 2 days. He'll be 3 in April. Yesterday I rushed him to the bathroom and as he's going he mentions that when Daddy pees the water turns yellow. He sounded disappointed and told me that his is only white (the color of the bowl of course makes the water look that way to him). So I told him that's because Daddy pees a lot more than he does. So he keeps trying to say something but it's like he can't get it out and he's stuttering. Then finally he says, "Oh, Daddy has a bigger bug!" LOL I just agreed and we went on our way. So now we tell him we need to go see if the water will turn yellow and get him to go. Worked for a bit but now he just says that he can't, only Daddy can! :-)

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Thought I would respond because I also have a boy who will be 3 in March and he has no interest whatsoever. We tried underpants for a week to get him to go and that kid would walk around completely content in wet, stinking, yucky underpants and keep playing along. Decided he wasnt ready. My not so funny story is that now a month or so later he likes to reach down in his diaper and pull the poop out or knock it out the side and leave nice little piles on the floor. I was so mad one time I thought for a second I would stick his little facey in it but I thought better. He just laughed and walked away. Now his favorite thing is to tell me he pooped when he didn't. Is my child too much of a clown or is he starting to give me signs he is ready to try again??? I am not looking forward to all that laundry!!

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Did anyone actually have that work? (the theory that if they wet or poop their pants, they won't like it and somehow they will magically start using the potty?)

Didn't work with DD!!! Only time and maturity seemed to work. And literally, overnight, she went from accidents everywhere, to 100% trained.

My potty story: The first time she saw DH pee standing up, she was confused at first, then she said, "When daddy grows up, he'll be a girl, and then he will get to sit down like us!"

My second potty story: My friend's first son was pretty much potty trained. We were driving up to the mountains to pick out a Halloween pumpkin from a farm out in the sticks. So we went thru the whole routine, "Did everyone go potty?" Ok, here we go! Halfway there, we got stuck in a traffic jam of fall leaf gazers and pumpkin searchers. Andrew says, "I really gotta go potty!" She said, "Just hold it." (I think she thought he wasn't really serious). Again, "I gotta go!" Again, "Hold on til we get there." This went on for a while. And we were on a 2-lane mountain road, couldn't pull over. So my DH says to let Andrew pee in a cup and he'd pour it out the window. So he gives Andrew a 16-oz cup. The poor kid filled that cup up THREE TIMES!

My friend felt real bad and said, "Well I guess he really DID have to go."

I never saw a kid look so relieved.

Third potty story: The next year, same family goes with us to pick out pumpkins. We pack a picnic lunch. Her second son, Matt, is now potty trained - just barely. And since I have a girl, I can't really relate, but I guess with boys, you can train them to pee outside pretty early on. Well, Matt says, "I gotta go potty," immediately unzips, and pees on the picnic blanket!

Oh well! At least he didn't pee in his pants!

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What is it with little boys thinking they can pee whenever, where ever? That made me laugh, TREKaren! I remember my younger brother standing on my duffle bag full of clean clothes and peeing, right there on the spot, when we were on vacation.

One time after swimming, my nephew (running around naked after peeling out of wet clothes) stood in the middle of the hallway and just peed, for whatever reason. My SIL was so mad.

Once fully trained, that same nephew was standing at the toilet and when finished, went to lower the lid (he's trained well, apparently!) Well, he didn't give himself enough "clearance" and accidentally smashed his you-know-what. We felt so bad for him. He tried so hard not to cry!

My friend is going through the potty training trials with her 3 year old DD, so now I can tell her not to worry! When she emails, she usually says things like, "Hanna is still not potty trained, still sleeps in bed with us. How are you?" Of course there have been some stressful events in the household (major illness of baby sister) so some adjustment is to be accounted for.

Ah, kids are wonderful aren't they?

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My DH relieves himself quite often outside when the weather is nice. We live on a farm (it's a man thing). So we come home one night and he says boy I gotta go. My daughter 2 1/2 at that time says me too and pulls down her pants to pee outside. I was laughing so hard I just about peed my pants.

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I have another story! This happened yesterday and while it didn't seem funny at first it did after I cleaned the mess up! LOL

We laid DS down for a nap and his father put a diaper on him so he wouldn't end up with a wet bed. He told DS that just because he had a diaper on did not mean that if he had to pee or poop he couldn't take it off and go. DS said, "Okay, Daddy." We then went back to our room and watched Trading Spaces and thought about taking naps ourselves. After a while we hear DS coming to our room. He's holding his blankies and when he puts them down, my fiance' sees something on him. He then realizes DS has poop on himself and he asks where his diaper is. I started seeing pictures of the times he pooped and ripped his diaper off and smeared it everywhere. I jump up and dash to his room and scan for a mess. I don't see or smell anything. Then I see the door to the 1/2 bath off of his room is open. I look in there and there is poop on his stool, on the toilet seat in two places and the handle on the toilet and also some in the sink. He had the used some toilet paper to clean up some of the mess and looked in the soap dispenser for some soap but it was out. I start questioning him on where his diaper is and ask about the garbage and he says, "Yes." But there are no dirty diapers in the garbage so were searching for a diaper again. Then we realize that DS realized he had to poop so he went to the bathroom. He took the diaper off and threw it in the garbage and then crawled up on the toilet and held himself on it. He must have sat back pretty far so that's how the poop got on the back of the seat. Then when he went to slide off his butt would have rubbed on the front part where there was more poop. He then must have gotten the toilet paper and wiped himself and gotten some poop on his hand from trying to do that himself, which he then got on the handle when he tried to flush and then in the sink when he tried to wash off. He even demonstrated what he did on the other toilet and it all adds up. He was so proud of himself! I hated having a mess but it has to be a good thing when a almost 3 year old is willing to go and clean up his own mess! LOL

I also knew a little boy who thought you could pee anywhere. My father, his girlfriend, my brother and I and the gf's three younger boys were at a local fireman's carnival. We all got on a ride except for the 3 year old. While the rest of us were on the ride, Brett decided he had to pee. He told his Mom and my Dad and her were looking for a porta potty or something. Meanwhile she looks down and there he is peeing right in the middle of the crowd. We don't think anyone saw him though.


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Sounds like you had to be quite the detective!! LOL

My mom loves recounting when I was being potty trained...I wore cloth diapers at the time (in the days before disposable) and had apparently seen my parents emptying the diaper contents into the toilet and flushing. When i decided to try this myself, I just threw the whole diaper in and flushed. Needless to say, my dad was not a happy man.

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Well, this is sort of just a poop story, but only parents of toddlers can appreciate this one: shortly after my 2 year old daughter was potty trained she became fascinated with her poop (excuse me, but she really was!). One day she looked in the potty and said: "One Daddy poop, one mommy poop and one baby poop". Sure enough, she counted them right!

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When I was a little girl, my mom took me to Sears shopping. I kept telling her "I gotta go!" and she kept saying, "Ok, hold on a minute". Well, I didn't. I took off without her knowing it. She found me 10 minutes later sitting there on a potty display! My panties were off, and I could barley touch the floor. I had a crowd around me too! She was so embarrased! The floor manager said, "Anyone got a camera? Who says our displays arent any good!" That was about 34 years ago.

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HereÂs a related story.

I have a DS #1 who just turned 2 and another DS #2 who is 6 weeks. DS #1 has been learning body parts for a while and has been really excited that DS #2 also has the same parts. When DS#2 was a few days old, my step-sister brought my niece by for a visit. I was changing DS#2 and my step-sister was changing DN. DS#1 looked down at DN with a confused look on his face and asked ÂTee tee? I told him no little girls donÂt have tee tees. Before DN went home for the day, we took a picture of the 3 kids together. DS #1 likes to look at that picture and say ÂDS #1...tee tee...yes, DS #2...tee tee...yes, DN...teeÂ

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