Waking up at 1 am crying

waddles28March 1, 2002

My DS is 14 months and the last 3 nights he has woke up at one and started crying. The first night I went and picked him up and rocked him back to sleep. The second night my DH went in to calm him down and last night we let him cry. He will cry for about half an hour before settling back down. He has been sleeping through the night since he was about 4 months. He doesn't seem to be congested or anything. The real problem is that he share a bedroom with my DD who is 3 and he wakes her up. Any suggestions of what could be wrong or what I can do to prevent this or help him.

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My DD is very hot-natured. Are you bundling him up due to the current cold-snap and he's getting 'hot and bothered' in the middle of the night?

He could also be trying to come down with something, that hasn't made itself evident. Also doesn't he still have a few teeth left to come? I can't remember that far back (or I've blocked the memories) :-)

Best of luck with the little guy!

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My guesses would be possible growth spurt or teething. My son got about 4 teeth around that age. I doubt it's an illness since he has done it for 3 days in a row and no other symptoms have shown.

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I don't think he is due for teeth for at least two months, he has 8 teeth right now. I am thinking he might be cold if anything, but the DD sleeps in there also and does not complain about the temperature either way. Well if I find out something I will let you know.

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Sometimes children that age have nightmares about vague things.....strange places or people, falling, being left alone, etc. They are just beginning to see the outside world as being BIG and it makes them uncomfortable because they really aren't able to understand.

Just try to keep things quiet with as little change in routine as you can manage. And another thing....does he watch TV with the sister? think about how frightning something like the cartoon shows or Sesame Street might be to a baby. The figures and puppets move about so quickly that the young brain can't always take it all in. Soon he will, but maybe for just this short time, it may be too much. There is that real vs. unreal problem that he can't figure out just yet.

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So I think it is teeth. I had him laughing the other day and I noticed that one of his 18 month molars was coming in. I did give him some tylenol before going to bed and that did help him with sleeping that night. Thanks for the help.

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