Does your child do this? How can I get it to stop?

jenfur427March 20, 2006

My DD will be 3 in May. For the past couple months or so, whenever she gets really mad or upset, she will pinch her arms and legs, which results in little redmarks/bruises. I think it looks horrible, but that's besides the point. I asked her ped about it (she used to bang her head against the wall too) and he said when it hurts her, she'll stop. But I don't know if there is something I can do to get it to stop? Obviously I can't please her all the time, but if I tell her she can't do something (like watch TV or something) she'll be mad and clench her fists, and then start pinching. Is this just something I have to learn to deal with, and she'll outgrow?

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My child did all kinds of things if she learned it got a rise out of me. I say the next time she's doing it out of being displeased with you, try totally ignoring her behavior. No raised voice, no concern on your face.

See if, after a few times, she stops, because she realizes she's not able to egg you on with the behavior.

My DD didn't do this exact thing but boy did she do others at that age, just to try and I dont know - get attention, get me flustered, you name it.

If it does NOT go away after you try ignoring the behavior, then I'd say it's time for another visit to the pediatrician (or a second opinion from another).

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I agree with trekaren, ignore the now grown son use to get so mad he would hold his breath and pass out. It was very scary the first few times he did it. I realized one day that when he came to and didn't see me all panicky in his face he may just wonder why. I tried it. He passed out, I made sure he was in a safe place and walked away. He came to in about 30 sec. and didn't see me there. He got up from the floor, came to the kitchen wanted a hug and said...."I thought you left me!" I said...."I did, you passed out, what else could I do?" He said, "I'm sorry mommy, I won't do that again, I don't want to be alone." He never did.

It's worth a try....just keep all the sharp objects out of reach from her.

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