52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home

JoAnn_FlaMarch 11, 2013

I just found this page an thought the ideas were great, I had to share.

Here is a link that might be useful: organize the home

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Evidently some people have a lot more 'stuff' than I do! While I liked a few of the ideas, most of the kitchen ones would drive me crazy. Having everything out and visible works in a restaurant kitchen where everything gets used, washed and re-hung every day.

Open shelving in a closet results in the same dirt and dust settling on items that aren't worn, cleaned and re-stacked often. There's a nice layer of dust on my shoeboxes right now, but the shoes inside are ready to wear. Hanging purses? More dusty objects. Hanging leather boots that way will leave you with some nice clip marks at the top of the boots.

Some of the garage storage was interesting. I liked the vertical bungee cords to control balls. (I wonder if they all come tumbling out when you remove one, or if the cords would snap and hurt a child.)

Spices on the refrigerator door? In clear containers? I can't be bothered to transfer them from the store container, and I want to store them in the dark. (A small two-tier lazy susan in a cupboard works for me.)

I do have my front-load washer and dryer on a raised platform, but I wouldn't want to reach under there for anything. (What's the point of having the appliances at a convenient height if you still have to bend and lift stuff?)

What tips did y'all either like or think unworkable?

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Like you, chicsue, some people have a lot more stuff than I do when it comes to clothes, boots, shoes, jewelry and accessories. I have small closets so keep my clothes, etc. to the minimum. If I can find one pair of glasses, I'm doing good, but I do like the storage idea under the machines. I like it with baskets...easy to slide out, but not drawers. I like the idea of putting sheets inside their matching pillow cases. I wonder if I have enough room in my bathroom to put a shelf up over the door. Quite a few useful ideas. I could give anyone a run for their money when it comes to cooking utensils or pots and pans, dishes, and bowls....my weakness.

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I like the idea of storing the sheets inside the pillow cases, although I am afraid with the way I fold fitted sheets, they would not fit in. I also love the idea of reversing the hangers. I have a closet full of unworn clothes, yet every time I go to clear out, I think about how I should be wearing this or that. Maybe if I clearly see that I have not worn it in a year, it would be easier to part with things.

The boots on the pants hanger seems silly. They would take up a ton of space on the rod, and I could not spare that space.

Some if the ideas are clever but not practical for me. Thanks for sharing.

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My closets and rooms are too small for many of these ideas. Some I like, others more time consuming that I wish to spend. I use a dresser for much of my stuff along with those cabinets with tiny (small) plasic drawers.for things like paper clibs, thumb tacks,keys etc. Easier to see and find
One dresser drawer has all my envelopes and stationary, Greeting cards in order in a plastic box.
Top dresser drawer, my junk stuff that I go thru regularly.
I also hang a plastic bag on inside door knob to put anything in I don't want, they take to thrift shop.

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I like:

  1. Turn Your Hangers to Find Out What You Really Wear
  2. Attach Tweezers to the Inside of a Bathroom Cabinet with a Magnet
    but I don't have a bathroom cabinet... thus, it doesn't work for me.
    instead of: 30. Put a Shelf Over Your Bathroom Door for the Stuff You Don't Need Regular Access To
    I put all my stuff in the cabinet under the sink... out of sight, no dust and not as much moisture!
    GREAT TIP: 46. Label Your Cords
    might order me one of these: 48. Get a cable organizer.
    LOVE this one, and I have plenty empty ones too: 51. Organize a Junk Drawer with Altoid Tins

another storage idea I saw on pinterest:

you can see, what you have in the bins!

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Anything...including a pot rack (shudder!!)...that clutters the streamlined look of my kitchen is something I wouldn't want.

I DID like a couple of the refrigerator storage ideas. I can see them working for me.

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Joann~~I like many of the ideas. My DD#2 lived in a studio apt for a couple of years and many of those ideas would have been perfect for her. My DGD rents a room at a GF's grandma's house and several of them will work for her.

I am going to send this link to my girls~~~I really liked the idea of using soda bottles or papaer towel hotders to put braclets on.

My DD#2 and her BF used chalk board paint on the back of one of there bedroom doors, it is their beer brewing room;) This way they can keep track of all the dates for the different stages of the brew.

Thanks for posting this Joann

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I already fold my sheets in 'sets', with the bottom sheet and pilowcases folded inside the topsheet.

THE most organized place I've ever seen was the basement workroom in a house we were being shown by a realtor. It looked like an exceptionally neat hardware store. There were hundreds -- possibly thousands -- of tiny plastic boxes on shelves, all neatly labeled in tiny printing with the size nail, screw, nut, washer, etc. that they contained. I wasn't sure the owner ever actually built or repaired anything down there because it was all so neat and clean, but he was *ready*. (Unsurprisingly, he was an engineer.)

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Some of the ideas were pretty good! The one I had to laugh at was #8. Get a deep drawer and store the utensils vertically. Uh, wouldn't we save more space in a regular utensil drawer by laying them horizontally? lol

Thanks for the link!

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Here is one of my favorite organizational tips. Like most people, I have all sorts of cables around my desk that I am forever having to fish off the floor when I want to use them. Here's a great solution. Use binder clips to keep them where you can find them.

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Thanks for this: I found some good ideas.

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Hi Joann,

Some seem to have found some useful ideas, others were uninterested in some of the suggestions ... but no one was twisting their arms: they could choose to use the ideas, or not.

It made me sort of tired ... just reading your subject line.

ole joyful ... who can see the floor (in a few places) ... walking the house in a long-tailed coat can be annoying

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I love quite a few of those ideas, thanks for posting that.

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good ideas thanks for posting

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I'm always interested in looking at other ideas. Pick up an idea here and there. I already use several of them, shelf over bath door, shelf splitters and addon shelves, hanging bottles from a towel rack, baskets in fretc. ig, I don't use the tension rods to hold things but I do stand things up in the cupboards as I can. Buying things that nest are a great space saver. I miss my Ingenio cookware. That stuff was great.

I have a wall rack for the foil, plastic wrap, etc, but it doesn't have enough slots and I don't want to buy a second. So I use a hanging shelf. I'm a person who believes form follows function and my kitchen isn't meant to be a showplace or try to get on a magazine cover. I have wire shelves attached to the soffits and that added a lot of space and function. Easier for me to reach up than bend down. And I can hang cookware and cooking utensils since there's no room for a pot rack. Another house thing I would like to have is a pot rack.

I keep a couple canning jars on the counter for some flatware. Serves dual function. First it's handier for grabbing a tasting spoon when I'm cooking and when I sit at the counter to eat, it's right there. The one side of the frig gets used for hanging things like the strap wrench, instant read thermometers, top popper, etc and I made a magnet shelf to keep dish soap, etc. to increase useful space by the sink.

I use the shoe organizer on the back of bedroom doors and in the living room closet. In the LR closet it's great for holding gloves, vacuum bags/belts, winter scarves, stocking caps, etc. Great for a grab and go and the bags are right with the vacuum when it needs changing.

I won't store swabs, toothbrushes, and the like out in the open in the bathroom. No way. But under the washer or dryer is space that i wouldn't use for the frequently used things like laundry soap, but it'd be a good spot for storing holiday decorations or something. You can bend over a couple times a year for that, which you probably do anyway.

I really like the binder clip idea. Not sure where I could use it, but it's creative.

I also like using clothespins inside cabinet doors to hold packets, recipes, keys, etc. They work as a clip and a binder.

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cynic great ideas how about a few photos !!

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I don't have a ton of clothes, jewelry, purses, boots, etc that I need to organize that way. But some of the ideas were neat.

#39 - my father did that when I was small. In his basement workshop he'd have all his nails, screws, bolts, etc in jars that were nailed to the underside of a shelf.

#44 - we had a square one that Dad made that we kept all of our record albums in.

I like #34 too, I might do that for my laundry room. Right now I have all of my cleaners in a big square basket on the shelf, but I have to pull the basket out to find the one bottle I want. Then most of them fall over because the basket is not tightly packed.

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Hi deadly tired,

I wondered how you'd get some o' them things out of the clip handle ...

... but figgered that if they were too big ... you couldn't have gotten 'em in, in the first place.

So - all's well! It seems.

o j

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Hi Minnie, I'll see what I can come up with.

OJ I think the idea is to use it to pull out the cord and plug it in, use it, unplug it and let it retract back to the binder clip. Getting them in there is easy. The silver part - just give it a squeeze and it detaches comes out of the black part. Slide it over your cord and reverse above procedure.

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I alread put my sheets into the matching cases. I've done that for several years. Except that one of my cases always comes up missing! So most of my sheet sets only have one case and I end up buying more cases.

I just saw a suggestion to use the spring from a rectractable pen to add support to the end of your charging cords where they plug into your unit, i.e., phone chargers, gps chargers, ect. Works good on our gps, as we have replaced the cord 3 times now because it bends too much while plugged in and being used. The wires break.

If it's out of site in my house, it doesn't get used. I forget about it.

I look forward to seeing some of your ideas, cynic!

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