finding recipies on pinterest??

livvyandbellaNovember 5, 2012

I copied Anns brownies from this forum. They look so good.

How does one find recipies on pinterest?


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First, I believe you need to be a registered user. I registered a long time ago and don't remember doing anything before that....

After you register in the upper right hand corner of the screen you will see an "About" button, click on that to learn about pinning and boards.

Now you are ready to see what I call the general feed for whatever topic you want.
Click on "Categories" at the top of the page an a drop down menu will appear. You will see food and drink, click on that and it will open the general feed for recipes. When you see a picture of something that sounds good, click on the picture, it will enlarge and then you can click on it again to go to the site it is from. Occasionally you may have to click a couple more times to get to the recipe or there's the possibility that it's a bad pin and there is no recipe. That's when I give up and close out my tabs, going back to the main feed....

Look around the site a little before you just start pinning at random. I say this because I tried to keep my boards as organized as possible so that I can find recipes I pinned easy. You can see my boards by just typing in my name...Nancy the search box. When you find me you can click to see my boards. At this point you can click on any of my boards to see recipes I have pinned. When I add a recipe, I have already checked it out and made sure it's one I would actually use.

You can choose to "follow" any boards or all boards of any person. When you follow people, their pins will show up on a different fee. If you click on "following" at the top of the general feed page then only the pins from those you are following will show up. This feed that you are creating is you own personal feed list. So add as you go. You can click on who I am following to see their boards. I'd suggest a couple but I'd rather you just went and looked.

If anyone would like to be invited to join Pinterest you can email me through GW and I will send an invitation.

There is a link at the top of the forum page to click on for the Garden Web boards. It's just getting started but you can see pins on that too. When you click on it you will be invited to register if you aren't already.

Happy Pinning!!!!!

I'll check back for questions, don't get frustrated, it took me awhile to catch on.


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You no longer need an invitation to join. And you can sign up with a fake name if you don't want your real one out there.

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You can just put "recipes" in the search box. You don't have to join.

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I use Ashley's, LOL. I still can't find a darned recipe, though. I click a picture, go to a link. They made it and got the recipe somewhere else. Another link. No recipe there, but a blog that I have to read through to find that the recipe isn't there but there's another link. Continue ad nauseum. I'm too impatient, isn't there an easier way?


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Annie: google

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How Annie described her frustration, that's exactly what I experience with it as well. I see a picture I like, then it goes to site after site with hundreds of pictures to sort through, and still no recipe. Arrrgh.

When I click on Food and Drink, I get so much other garbage that are not food-related as well.

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My anti-virus software hates Pinterest. When I click on one of the many links as Annie describes it keeps giving me, "Are you sure you want to go there?", messages. Much of the stuff I see on the Food and Drink page uses cans of this and packages of that we don't use. There's so many duplicates on that page it irritates me. I just can't handle all the crockpot chicken things. It was interesting for the first couple weeks but the novelty has worn off and I've not looked at Pinterest in weeks. If I was 25 and had a very young family - maybe. But I'm not. I'm an experienced cook and we are empty nesters. I'm not trying to push a blog so there doesn't seem to be any reason to add the frustration to my life. I've got enough of that already.


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I had the same frustrations until I caught on to developing my own feed made up from pinners boards that fit my way of cooking. I don't follow crock pot boards, vegan, GF, etc.

I have been invited and joined some of the big specialized boards and those can be fun. I accepted because I have followed a few bloggers whose cooking I like and wanted to help promote them.


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I tried PInterest and I think it's the worst time-waster on the planet!!! It's too laborious.

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Islay I'm glad I'm not the only one!!

I keep forgetting to go on it, because when I do, I have to click several pages, and still not get to the recipe that I want. I get so frustrated.

I keep seeing shoes, hairstyles, outfits, bling, babies, weddings, over and over and over.

I don't use P and sure don't miss it, or feel that I'm missing out.

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Between youtube, Google, cooking Forums, cookbooks, cooking shows on TV, ------

I have no need for another way to search for recipes.


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I love pinterest. You can follow my boards here:

I have a lot of cooking boards under "whet the Appetite" divided by type so you can just follow the ones that interest you.

I also have a DONE! board where I try and leave a comment on food I've actually made.

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If Pinterst shut down in 2 minutes,
I would never miss it!
I am one who is completely frustrated by Pinterest!
Therefore I ignore it when it comes to recipes and cooking.

I have found it sort of interesting for crafts ideas, though.
Things where I can see pictures of the finished product,
And don't need instructions to make the item.


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