victory_tea2085March 1, 2006

Hi, I'm new to this forum. Did a search on flouride for babies and learned nothing. Our dentist ordered a liquid flouride for our 8 month old. I have heard both positive and negatives about flouride for babies and am wondering if anyone on this forum has some knowledge as to the advisability of giving it to our little "Caleb". Thanks


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This is embarrassing, but maybe my searchs did not work so well because I misspelled "fluoride". Sorry, Paul

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Fluoride is key to development of skull and spinal bones in addition to teeth. If the doctor ordered it you should go ahead and use it.

Babies can get enough if they are breastfed and if mom drinks fluoridated water. They can also get it if the mom uses fluoridated bottled water to make the powdered formula from. At 8 months, baby can also drink tap water in their bottle.

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I would probably go with what the doctor says. It may have something to do with where you live. I think certain areas have more flouride in their water than others. If it's below a certain number than supplements are recommended. You could call your water dept. What do other people in your area do with their babies? If no one else is, I would specifically ask your doctor why he thinks it's needed.

Personally, I wouldn't use bottled water for a baby...too much chance of bacteria. Tap is usually better.

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They make a special water specifically for use in making formula, that hopefully puts it in a different category than tap. :-) at least we can always hope so.

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Oh, thanks, I never heard of it. It's probably specially regulated for infants. I never had to worry about the tap water around here, but I remember someone telling me not to make the formula with bottled water. Like, there's not enough other stuff to be worried about!

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