Nightmares in a 2 year old

sasccascMarch 12, 2011

My two year old daughter is having nightmares every night. At around 2 every morning, she wakes me and her younger sister up screaming and crying. In the morning, she keeps talking about a ghost. She has began to refuse to sleep without a nightlight and is becoming a real problem to put to sleep at all even during the day. This has been going on for a while now and I could really use some advice. I haven't been getting much sleep because after she wakes me and her sister up, she always ends up in bed with me (husband always wants to keep her close after a nightmare). She tends to be a bed hog and keeps me awake for hours after she get in bed with us.

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My guess is your daughter is having nighmares because of what your husband does to you and the kids.Youd be suprised at how much it affects them.

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I thought of that it just confuses me that she always runs to her daddy after the nightmare.

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I know What you mean, my kids always loved and played with daddy,even just after they had seen him be abusive.I dont know the answer to that.Although my eldest who is 13(she isnt biologically his)but he did bring her up since she was 4 months old and she didnt know any different has her real dad has never been around,she saw alot of the goings on ,always loved him ,untill she got to about 8 or nine and then she changed towards him,and now she absolutly hates him,when my other two kids (his kids)go to see him,she never wants to see him again.She will never forget what he was like,and I hate myself for putting her through second daughter was two when I left him,she too had nightmares all the time,talked about monsters and stuff when she woke,but she still loved daddy,and still does.Im convinced it was the shouting and abuse she was witnessing.Now she is four and sleeps soundly,she does have the odd one or two every so parents fighting hurt children,im sure nightmares will pop up somewhere.I may be wrong about your daughter because nightmares arnt uncommen,but Im sure thats why mine had them.

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That's what keeps confusing me. I made plans to leave and everything but then I was told about some of the laws in this state. If I take my children across state lines, I can be forced to bring them back. The law says that the children stay with the parent who is best able to care for them and I haven't had a job in three years. I had to quit when I was pregnant with my first daughter and my husband hasn't really wanted me to go back to work. That makes him the parent that is best able to care for the children. The only way that this changes is if I have proof of abuse.

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Excuse,excuse,excuse,Beleive me, i am not being horrible,I know you are not ready to leave,but you will be one day.You say the law says the children stay with the parent who is best able to care for them.well that is YOU,just because he is earning does not make him the better parent,If you were really botherd ,every time he hits you ,you would call the police so there is a police record,sweetheart your precious kids are suffering.

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