16 Month Old Granddaughter Biting Herself

momtotwo__2February 17, 2008

My 16 month old granddaughter has started biting herself when she is angry or frustrated. The latest time left a bruise. She also slaps herself in the head repeatedly (not hard enough to make her cry).

I am worried that this could indicate a psychological problem. Does anyone know any facts regarding this behavior in toddlers?

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What does her Pediatrician say. He/She can refer them to a child psychologist, if necessary. Hopefully, it's just a phase, and if handled well, she'll stop on her own.

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Please be sure to ask about sensory integration disorder. It sounds like she might have some sensory issues. You can google sensory intergration disorder and you will find a wealth of information.Your pediatrician can refer you to an Ocupational and Physical Therapist.

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