Ordering toys online-Aquaplay/Waterway

lilypad22February 9, 2004

I bought a battered toy at the thrift shop last year for my grandson. It connected together with half round tubes to hold water, it has locks to hold back the water. Pieces were missing and I had to duct tape the thing together and he had more hours of fun with that than I could imagine. It was well worth the $1.98 I paid, a new one is going to cost me MUCH more. He keeps asking for it but it's winter and he can't play indoors, the duct tape leaks!

His birthday is just around the corner and I want to get him a new one (with all the pieces-and no tape). There are no local stores that carry this type of toy. I think Brio makes the waterway. Anyone order toys online that can recommend a place to order this type of toy? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks! tish

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I bought a Brio waterway at a garage sale last year that had a few pieces missing. I contacted Brio and was able to buy the missing parts for under $10 (including shipping). I don't believe Brio is selling anything but the VERY expensive waterways new now. However, you can always contact Brio and they can tell you where to buy in your area, or if a catalog company purchased sets, etc. You could also put the set in the bathtub w/o water--they are supposed to have different possible configuration like the railroads do. Good luck!

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Try ebay! they do popup on there from time to time!

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