lostinitFebruary 7, 2011

Anyone have a toddler with this affliction? What did you do for this condition? Did therapy help?

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Well, he's hardly a toddler! My son is now 15, but was diagnosed as a toddler with apraxia (global) and later, with PDD-NOS and misc. other issues. But Apraxia was his first diagnosis, and, IMO, the one that is most relevent and meaningful.

He's a WONDERFUL kid, and therapy (Speech and later OT) helped him immensely. We went to daily 1:1 speech therapy for years, and now he speaks quite well. As you will no doubt learn, *the right* therapy is essential, and will become an all-day, every-day thing for your family for the next few years.

The Apraxia-Kids web site and listserv is a LIFE-SAVER! If you haven't found it already, stop reading this and go there NOW ;-) And if you get the chance, tell Sharon and Donna how wonderful they you've heard they are.

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