marioncohen1February 10, 2013

I found a beautiful tile that I really like. I went into two stores. At one floor store they quoted me $6.75 a square foot and another boutique type place quoted me $7.00 a Sq Ft. Then I went on line at a website called and for the same floor they have it priced at $4.99 a Sq foot. Plus free shipping. Does anyone out there ever buy their materials on line? Its a pretty big savings for me and was wondering if I should go for it? Thanks

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I have bought a lot of materials online with no problems.

But first, go back to the tile stores and tell them what you have found. Give them the opportunity to price match for you. I think local is better when I have that ability.

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That's what I did Angela. My local store wound up beating the online price.

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